Rocker cover gasket


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Aug 4, 2009
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Can you loose a lot of oil through the rocker cover gasket being perished even to the point where you are topping up oil every couple hundred miles???
cant see why not...although the S3 does use a lot personally get it done for the cost of the gasket, then see how bad it is
Im gettin it done on thursday along along with the anti roll bars bushes and rear spring as the MOT is due im also gettin the instrument cluster takin away down south to get the led's replaced as the abs light is dead and i was told that this is an MOT failure is that true???
I noticed my rocker cover gasket needed replacing during a cambelt change, it doesn't look like it it's leaking a lot, just a light residue seeping out the side that won't look good in the long run when it goes all the way down the engine block. Can't see how it would leak enough to require a topup every few hundred miles though....
I think it been like that since i baught the car a year ago the car got serviced in november but it had been showing oil underneath the car ages before that!!!
I dont think mine is that bad i hope!!! but ever since it went to audi to get serviced this has started to happen i thought it was the oil theu might have used
its a pig to do, not hard just the amount of things you have to move which takes the time up
Yeah I know all those cables on top really puts you off doin can't wait 2 get the car sorted out next week!!!
my rocker gasket leaks into the plug holes and soaks the plugs and coilpacks!

Yeah, mine does that too. The other place they all leak from is the cam chain tensioner. There is a separate flat seal that always goes. This is the one that messes up the area around the gear shifter and down the back of the block. You are supposed to remove the cams to replace it, but it's possible to loosen the cam bearing caps and slide it in.

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