2008 S3 "Does not exist"??


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Jan 24, 2007
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I have just had a 40 min chat with Direct Line as my new car does not exist. I have had my 2001 S3 8L insured with them no problem but when i changed to my new one the reg plate came up with A3 2LT Quattro. My concern is that is the S-Line and i have an S3. However there system which apparently comes from Audi does not list any S or RS cars. They have agreed to list it as an A3 2LT FSI Quattro (S3), but made me list every extra that the S3 comes with as standard over the A3 as well optional ones and charged me extra for all of them. Gee Thanks.

Anyone else had this?
I had the same rubbish in March last Year with Direct Line when I got my 2007 S3. I did the quote etc online. Like yours, putting the registration in gave an A3 S-Line. There was an S3 option online, but it was very difficult to find amongst the others. It had also confused others at the time - i remember threads about it.

When I went to change the insurance on the day I got the car though, the Direct Line guy on the phone was fine with things, seeing the car straight away as an S3. Renewal came back some time later listed as an S3.
Does it say Audi S3 on your schedule as mine now says Audi A3 2.0T in bold and S3 Quattro next to it in small like they have just put it in to shut me up. I am still not convinced i am insuring the correct car. What about your options to did they make you list heated seats, alcantara, flat bottom steering wheel etc?
I'll check my cover documents for the exact model wording when I get a chance - bit busy for next 2 days or so but will let you know as soon as poss. As long as your docs say S3 quattro (even in small, non bold letters) then that's surely the right model though?

I certainly didn't have to list any options at all - they asked if the car was standard, which mine is. I've got no flat wheel, sat nav etc, just all std equipment that the S3 comes with, so I didn't have to go through the "what is std vs what are options" hassles...
Got it! Mine says the same - Audi A3 2.0T S3 QUATTRO.

With that & the correct reg. that's enough for me...:icon_thumright: