Oil Catch Can mini group buy anyone? including PCV system simplification.

All the oil breather system is ok because there's no real pressure in it that requires tight clamping. The 2 hoses that come off the inlet mani are under pressure and need to be secure. When I first did the catch can install I lost the bolt i'd clamped into the 1/2 inch pipe under the mani and now the other bung has gone! Got to try and find something to bung it to get me home tonight!
Now I want to cap the vacuum source under the manifold. It's not going to be used, all the pressure is positive coming from the crankcase and upper breather anyway and it'll be caught in the can. The fumes will also pull via the TIP connection when under acceleration. I used a small length of 3/8" ID pipe with a bolt screwed tightly into it

Borrowed the above from the uk-mv's site linked at the beginning of the thread, so thought the port on the intake mani was 3/8 or is this fella using smaller dia. hose to make a snug fit?
As for the brake servo plug (and mani plug), was thinking of coating the plug in superglue stuffing it in the hose and jubilee clipping it all up, should make a good seal I think (unless its going to degrade the hose).
I dont even know how my bung has come loose. It was a really tight fit and it was jubaleed in real tight. I'll have a good look on my lunch break to see whats hapened. I'll have to take a trip down to a hardware store and try to find something to get me home.
Good luck finding a plug, your not going to want to drive that home in its current state!
to be fair mate i dont think it will give you much of an issue, mine and plenty do run with breakages around there...... obviously it isnt ideal but it should be fine id have thought
sorry mate was rushing that haha.....you should be fine, it wont run brilliantly cos obviously its a boost leak...but it should get you home with no probs...that said if you really wana plug it just elastic band a super thick condom onto it :)
westle have you got the old stuff you ripped off still, you can take the one way valve from that and redo that section with new silicone...
Yeah i know, on the other stuff we took off there is a one way valve like above but with only two connecting ends one in and one out. so you dont have to block anything off. i read it on here ASN somewhere I also spoke to dean about it. i'll try and find the thread.
Sorry mate my mistake you need to get one of these from audi it not on the bit you've taken off.

I'll try and get part number off etka now.

Etka say:
non-return Valve
P/N058 905 291
9.28 euros

I give you 5 fiver and i'll have one off you if you want. if there only a tenner
was gonna say, westle i thought you meant the pipe coming off the bottom of tyhe mani which shouldnt affect the servos as you will styill have the one way valves in line
Just fixed it at lunch :)

The bung was still there nice and tight, instead the pipe that the one way goes into had popped off because I didn't bother jubaleeing it! Good job it held out for the ring trip!

So..... new word of warning. Make sure you clip everything up nice and tight :)
Westle, you should have a warning of the day mate! lol
Seriously though, glad it was only a quick fix!

If that 2-way valve works, group buy?
It's a shame as dealers must throw away so many of these valve when replacing brake booster pipes, which fail on most vag cars, could go and ask one of the tech's if they could hang on to an old one for you, guess it depends how friendly/helpful your dealer is!!!!
i got mine from a Skoda octavia brake booster assembly.

If you can't order new one direct from dealer or get old one ECS list them for $13
Home Page > Search > 058 905 291 > ES#259630 In-Line Check Valve - 058905291K

not sure what pressures are involved but fuel check valves?
8mm Fuel Non Return Aluminium Check Valve on eBay (end time 07-Oct-10 16:47:18 BST)
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Sorry mate my mistake you need to get one of these from audi it not on the bit you've taken off.

I'll try and get part number off etka now.


"Slightly off topic"
S3 Baby, how come you've got a t-piece in the 3mm silicone hose just behind the N249 valve in your pic after doing the N249 bypass? Thought it was just one piece of hose from the underside of the intake manifold to the top of the dv?
Have you ordered them yet? I'm up for one of those catch cans!

I sure open venting can cause other problems, because it's suppose to be close loop system, so all air is measured and accounted for.

(might be talking bull, but I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere)
Hi Dave no not ordered yet, should be looking at around £70 delivered, hopefully will order in about a weeks time, if you want one add your name to this list;
Hi Dave no not ordered yet, should be looking at around £70 delivered, hopefully will order in about a weeks time, if you want one add your name to this list;

Thanks, I love these group buys :yes:

Dave we are waiting on Dani mate, to be fair none of us are in a big rush either so also hoping to get more people involved...... just go with the flow mate :)
Or yeah, go on blame me :), haha. So is their 5 of us then? I thought paul wanted in on this too?
haha your an easy target ;)

dunno bout Paul.....
if everyone lets us know when they are ready to go, then S3tle can order....as said though im in no rush, you could say im easy, whenever ;)
At the moment I'm going to have to miss this, been told I need to replace my cat and offside lower wishbone so money has to go on them now :-(
Tim your easier than a hooker at wayne rooneys private bashes, lmao :).
Tbh thorsy i know what you mean, im still way off buying all the bits i need for my rebuild, haha.
Hi guys, re mounting the can on the firewall, where is the pollen filter flap that OllieH refers to (see his method below from page 6 of this thread)? Also, once drilled, I assume that the process is then to insert a bolt through the hole in the firewall to attach the bracket on the can to, right?

"And decided to have another go at getting my hand into the pollen filter flap so I could mount straight onto the firewall. Had to remove the TIP so I could drill a hole through the bulkhead. I positioned the hole about 10mm to the right and 10mm down from the right hand stud (which I had previously cut off) There are cable runs behind the firewall which come very close to where you will be drilling. All I did was hold the cables up while I drilled through. Be very carefull when doing this. Don't forget you can still mount using the bracket and left hand stud as shown on page 5 of this thread. You'll wanna use a round file to get rid of the burrs aswell afterwards."
Right i have just received my BSH Oil catch can off ebay. after 1 and half months of waiting.

there are no baffles inside and it is open at the top which i knew when buying my question is what can i use as a baffle to put inside and any ideas on how i can close the top.




I was thinking to knock the top out and put wire wool inside then fill the top with metal filler will this work?

I now know i should have not been impatient and waited for the group buy. Doh

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