19yr old 1.6 fsi 04


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May 4, 2009
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SE London
does anyone know any good insurance companys as i cant get insured on my car at a good price
im 19 with 2 years no claims and the best quote i got so far is 2400 with admiral, bell was my old company and i was paying 1700 last year and this year they sent me a renewal for 6600 so i rang them up and they would only take 100 off
I've got the same but SE, I'm with quinn direct (young ppl's insurance) & I'm 20. Without any no claims I managed to get it at £1360 in my own name. Also a bonus I can drive any car! Have a look at them...
Ouch that's pretty expensive! When I was 19 my 2.0 TDi was around 1300. I was with Churchill so give them a try and Adrian Flux seems to give some pretty decent quotes.

At the moment I'm with More Than, so give them a try if you want but I remeber it being quite expensive when I tried with them when I was younger.
ill try quinn direct i nearly settled with admiral for just over 2k
im 20 and have a 2.0 tdi modified on adrian flux and its come out at £1k, aint too bad but still cant wait for those £300 and under insurance once i'm an old man
All depends on his past driving history and his location

I had a 2.0TDI PD140 at 19 and paid £1600 fully comp

Then i got a 2.0TDI PD170 and it was cheaper by £53 :\

Insurance is such a lottery for young drivers
im only 21 and im 1k to insure my s3 mods declared, admiral

and my 1.6 a3 was only 600

i have 2 years ncb and one 17k accident
cheapest i managed to get was 1800 with 2 years no claims and no accidents
I'm paying £1499 with Aviva.
Mods declared, car below
Was 19 when I setup the policy
i should point out ive been with admiral for 3 years now too and theyve been the cheapest or matched thier other company elephants quotes
The trouble with being a young driver is that car insurance policies cost more than they will later in life – just when you want the fastest car on the planet in which to show off. You’ll realise after a moment’s thought that this is actually a good thing…

There are ways of getting lower premiums for young and new drivers. For a cheaper quote, think about the car that you’re going to buy. The older and slower it is, the cheaper the insurance will be. If it’s quite old and its price was low, it might also be worth opting for Third Party Fire and theft cover. This covers you if other people claim against you for injury or damage to their car or property, and if you car is stolen or damaged by fire. It may be worth buying a car that is in an insurance group of between 1 and 4, as these will have lower insurance premiums than other cars

The figures on young people’s driving are serious. According to the Association of British Insurers, although there was an 8 per cent decline in the overall number of people killed on Britain’s roads in 2004, there was a 12 per cent increase in the number of 16 to 19 year-old drivers and passengers killed in the same year. Inevitably, this has pushed up the premiums for younger drivers. Also, according to Pass Plus, one in five young drivers is expected to be involved in an accident during their first year of driving.
The best way to get lower insurance over a period of time is to drive safely. Think about practical things you can do:

  • Observe motoring regulations at all times – exceeding the speed limit and failing to adhere to the Highway Code is dangerous and could cost lives
  • Be the only driver on your policy to keep the costs down.
Car insurance premiums will be higher at first because inexperienced and young drivers seem to have more accidents than older, experienced drivers.