Urgent help required with fault diagnostic codes please

dyce martin

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Feb 23, 2010
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hi thanks for looking, I took my S3 to garage today as the dreaded engine light came on
they did a diagnostic check and the following codes appeared
P1296 - FAULT IN COOLING SYSTEM (level of coolant has not changed)
if that isnt bad enough a second code also appeared
P0011 - camshaft retardation (1) target value not attained
the invoice also reads additional info m31585 i dont know if this is part of the fault or not, any help would be greatly appreciated as even the mechanic does not know where to start.

Can anyone recommend a good mechanic or garage in Aberdeen.

hi the garage uses a bosch system sorry should have noted that.
i havent noticed anything with the temp guage but i have only had the car for a week
and have nothing to compare it with but it was at 90 on 200 mile journey home and the light came on during a short journey.
big regrets as i have no comeback private sale i wish i listened to the wife and bought from a garage.
The stat and temp sensor is a common problem and not a major expense with parts not costing much above £30.... the VVT (if thats what the prob is) maybe more expensive if it needs replacing... looking at the description on VAGCOM wiki it may be a case of just cleaning the part... not taken the VVT off/apart before so can't be much more help there unfortunately...