Everest 4 Heroes - Help For Heroes Charity


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Jun 17, 2009
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Just spreading the word about this. One of the members is my Dad so please show your support to our injured troops...

All 29,035 feet of the World's highest peak, Mount Everest, is to be sold for £5 per foot.
'Everest 4 Heroes' – a team of 8 Military Veterans from all 3 services, who have served their country collectively for more than 160 years, from Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Kosovo to Iraq, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone, have vowed to raise over £200,000 by climbing the World's highest peak, ‘Mt Everest’, for the veterans' charity 'Help for Heroes'.

The ascent, which will take place in 2012, is to be via the notoriously difficult 'North Ridge'. It is the team's aim that with each foot of Mount Everest sold we will raise vital funds for the rehabilitation and welfare of Britain’s armed forces personnel who have been injured in service throughout the world.

The team is looking for sponsorship and support, either through 'selling' off sections of the mountain, or by supporting one of the five high mountain camps that will be required during the attempt.

If you would like to support this ambitious and worthwhile expedition, then please visit the expedition web site at www.everest4heroes.com . You will find details on how to support the team's challenge of a lifetime, you can leave your messages of support to both the expedition members, and family and friends who have also served their country.

'We have one mountain to conquer, our injured service personnel have to climb harder mountains every day.'
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