A3 8P headlights 03-present


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Feb 23, 2010
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Hi, new here, I have a 56-plate 2.0TDI Sport :)

I'm justwondering if someone could answer a question about headlight types and when they were introduced (I've searched but not seen anything definitive).

Am I right in thinking this about headlights?:

that from 2003-on (to 2008?) most A3s had the standard halogen headlamps for dipped and main beams:

Optional were single xenon (outer lamp) with a halogen inner main beam lamp (commonly found on S-Line and S3). The inner halogen main beam "cuts" into the outer xenon lamp:

Then around 2006 were the xenon lights changed to bi-xenon? (more of a black surround and smaller inner lamps). Do these have DRL on the inner lamp? Or is it only some? (do some still have a halogen main beam and single xenon in this design?). The reason I ask about these particular lights is because I've seen them on 06 cars and I thought DRL came in later; also mine's a 56 and doesn't have DRL but as DRL have come in due to EU-law (and not just some current trend) shouldn't it mean all cars made from a certain age have DRL regardless of halogen or xenon dipped/mains? (phew! :laugh:)

Then 2008-on are the chrome/blingy with halogen or xenons with daylight running lights etc:

It's these 2006-on xenon lights I'm interested in specifically; the inner lamp isn't the main beam but a DLR? Ie the headlights are bi-xenon so just use the outer headlights. Does anyone know what would happen if you put a regular non-bixenon D2S HID bulb in one of these units? Will it just produce a standard dipped beam pattern?

Thanks for any info.
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1st, welcome to the site.

For a start bixenon is only 1 bulb anyway & isnt a special one, as its a motorised flap that just adjusts the pattern/direction of the beam, so its same bulb for single vision xenon as the bixenon, what are you wanting to achieve overall on your car & what do you have atm interms of headlights?

Also mate, its DRL.
Ok thanks. Currently got halogen but confused as the XENON lights on similar age models appear to have DRL when the rest of the cars of these age don't.

So specifically I'm wondering if all variants of these headlamps (not the earlier ones as in the 2nd picutre in the first post) are bi-xenon and the inner lamps are DRL:


Example car:
Would this car have bi-xenon and DRL? (inner lamps)[/URL]
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Yes all those headlights shown in the pics have bixenon with drl's on the inner bulb, there is also an adaptive version thats identical to them that has the bixenon that moves left to right aswell as up/down auto when turning corners or going up/down hills, all bixenons have the up/down system as do single vision xenons if fitted on car from factory.