9 x 19” RS6 wheels


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Hi all

I have been looking for some 19” RS6 alloys for my 2007 A4 convertible 2.0tdi, and I’m hoping someone here can help with the sizing.

I think I have finally got my head around the offsets, I currently have the 8x18” rs6 style 5 spoke alloys, ET43 offset. I have found a set of OE 9 x 19” alloys et35 offset, I’m just not sure how well they will fit. I have also found a set of non OE wheels that are 8x19”.

I would definitely prefer the genuine wheels, but they are an inch wider and have a wider offset than the non OE wheels.

Has anybody fitted 9x19” et35 wheels to an A4, I assume the wider wheel and the offset is fine on an RS6 as the have wider arches.