9/11 ...where were you


...when WWIII started in earnest?

I remember I was working for someone servicing copiers on USAF bases around the Country! Very sad & shocking events.

so what were you up to when you heard\saw?


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i was 8 and was drinking a chocolate mcdonalds milkshake and saw the action unfold at home


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McConnell AFB in Wichita Kansas watching it on telly while I was waiting for a plane to take me to Maryland, ended up driving.


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At work. My staff called me to say there was a plane crash on the TV, I just saw the 2nd plane hit the tower and we all realised it wasn't an accident.


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In the air flying from Dulles to Tampa when it happened. We were on 2 flights before the one they hijacked out of the same gate.
We were at the WTC having our dinner 4 days before and the Pentagon the day before.
6 weeks after it happened we were interviewed by the CIA and Serious Crime Squad @ 07:00.
Close enough shave for me.


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I was bunking off college on my home when i heard it on the radio. Saw the second plane when i got in. Shocking that people are capable of doing this to others. It still sends a shiver down my spine when i think about it. Poor people being burnt alive by aviation fuel......


Sat on my PC the day before i was going back to school from my holidays, flicked the TV to see the second plane whack the tower live. Didn't really realise what the world trade centres were or why planes were being flown into them at the time as i'd never heard of a 'terrorist' attack.


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I was in the 6th form common room watching it on TV. I'll be honest i didnt even know what the Twin Towers were until it happened. I was 16/17 and had just discovered alcohol and ladies so didnt know much in them days!

A very sad day nonetheless! Still scary to think of it happening again even with all of our preventitive realisations!


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i was on my way home from school was probably only in year 7 or 8, i heard it all on the radio in the car, think my mam was mortified, i wasn't but i was only about 12.

now im older and not a kid any more, it is bad crack what happened. (bad crack is my way of sympathy, im sure that gland in my brain doesn't work)


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On my way home from work heard the first plane had hit the Wtc and then caught the second one on tv when I got in. Then just watched in shock as the 2 towers fell. It was a sad day that not only changed America and the lives of Americans but changed the worlds understanding and perception towards people and the lengths they will go to achieve there goal.


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Was upside down in a Tornado cockpit whilst in the RAF when someone announced over the tannoy that someone had declared war on the USA........managed to prise myself out of it within a split second, tearing my arms to pieces and then watched it unfold on the TV.


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On course at the military engineering school. Saw it on sky news in the morning, classes canceled that day, knew my job would swiftly get more interesting. After 4 tours and another shortly; I was right!!:eek:


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In a swimming pool in Hawksbill Resort in Antigua. We were listening to it on the radio and it was being reported as a plane crash until the 2nd plane arrived.

I neglected to reapply sun cream as I was avidly listening to the radio in the pool, and my shoulders ended up so burned I couldn't lift my arms.

Ended up having 17 days in Antigua instead of 14 as they closed US and surrounding airspace and we got 3 days holiday for free whilst flights were rearranged.


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I was at school. I walked into my history lesson, the teacher said, "students, sit down as you're about to watch history in the making". I will always remember that.


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I was so distracted listening to the events unfolding I got pulled over on the m66 for crossing a solid White line whilst exiting the slip road.

To be fair they let me off with a ticking off!

Probably THE most shocking event I have watched in my lifetime, I mean I have bee to new york and unless you had seen the twin towers with your own eyes there is no way you can understand just how enormously tall they actually were.

What a world.


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And to top it off there has been a huge surge in the number of people affected by cancer as a result of inhaled carcinogens it was reported in the news today. Irrespective of people's belief structures or ideals, that was a sorry day in the history of human existence.


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I was 16 and just walked in from work. Step brother shouted at me from top of the stairs and then watched it unfold on TV.
I had been at the top of tower 2 only 3 months before the attacks :ermm:


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I just want to convey my sorrow for all those poor souls that were lost on that day & the aftermath of lives lost since including all the innocent people around the world dragged into this continuing disregard for human life.

I was at the wtc the year before & the site of the buildings was very overpowering, a sight I'll never forget.

Its a haunting sight to this day seeing this & watching the documentaries on tv right now still makes me 1st extremely angry & 2nd extremely sad, very upsetting day.

As I've said before, I wish us as humans would get past these days of hurting eachother & begin the path of acting as one race towards a happier goal, but I fear this is a long way of that I hope my children will see.

Makes you think about the saying " To Be Human" what does this mean in light of what we see day to day.


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was at work, heard it on the radio. i was like wtf! only actually believed it when i saw the news vids on tv etc
Agree with a lot of the comments on here and it was truly a horrific day for the world. I was just getting home from school as I watched it unravel all over the news. Let us not forget the 1,000's of innocent lives of men, women, children and soldiers and their families still being affected to this day as a result of these attacks across the Middle East. This so called "war on terror" is never ending. Everybody will have their own opinion on it but I don't wish to go too off topic about it anyway.


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Winding back the years, I was at my parents house. I do remember the events clearly though, I had just got out of bed and flick the TV on to see a tower with smoke rising to the sky, so flicking channels, it was the same! Then I saw in real time the second plane flying into the second tower, and still unsure what I was looking at, but it all became clear as the day went on!

A day I will never forget! :(


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A4_MaJIK, are you a journalist by any chance? War is hell on everyone involved but you decided to show pictures of children being affected.
First pic, carefully edited out of the photo just behind the crouching soldier is a large dog barking.
Second pic, Propaganda shot, HDR and photoshopped to add kids to a scene, look around the head of the small kid.
Third pic, soldier probably didn't even know the kid was there.

What about showing pics of the soldiers helping people, giving food to kids, rebuilding houses and everything else they do out there?
Or pics of the terrorists exploding a bomb in a packed street, or outside a mosque?
There has to be a balance.

Have a look at this.
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This is the true affect of war, its the people left behind who have to pick up the pieces. Thousands of innocent people lost their lives that day, and thousands more living were left devastated.
No I'm not a journalist and the images haven't been taken or edited by me either, just sourced from across the internet. I agree with you that everybody is being affected. Soldiers are dying everyday, the families of these soldiers are hit tremendously when they get the bad news. The last picture shows soldiers paying their respects to another they've lost and I did not intend to imply soldiers are bad people or murderers. They're just following commands and do what they are told to do.


I just wanted to show that there is a much larger picture to what everybody sees in the news and media. I always read about soldiers dying etc. but when it comes to innocent peoples homes being destroyed and children being orphaned and left homeless there is no mention of this on mainstream news. The government are only concerned with their own agenda and won't stop at ANYTHING to make sure they get what they want. You will only see what THEY want you to see.


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Was at school. I knew nothing about it until my neighbour came out when I was walking past and said "Did you see? A plane hit the WTC, they think it was deliberate"... wasn't expecting it to be quite such a big deal (I guess no-one was).


I had not long got home from RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk servicing photocopiers! I switched sky news on and heard the newsreaders asking 'experts' how such an accident could happen! When the second plane hit they were still discussing whether the pilot of the first plane could have been blinded by the Sun ...I remember screaming at the TV about the second plane hitting in the background & knew then it was a deliberate act - that's when I switched to CNN to get it first hand.

I also knew things would change in regards to my - previously unlimited - access to their Air Bases here in the UK, so I called their contract manager! They didn't have a TV or Radio in their office, so they weren't aware of the second plane hitting or the third and fourth planes now being reported as hi-jacked & thought it was just an accident. I was asked to explain what was going on and gave a short explanation of what was being reported! They wanted to know "Who would do this" - which I couldn't answer ..I was almost in tears, when she said "..Please stop now, you're scaring me..". It's by far the worst news I've ever had to convey to anybody & hope I'm never put in that position again.

I was told I should stay away from the bases until I heard from them & it was 4 days before I was given the okay to return! If you've never seen an F15 Pilot demanding justice, I can tell you, it is a sight to behold. My All Bases pass was temporarily withdrawn for intensive security checks - which I passed, but there was never the same carefree & jokey manner at the security huts again, right up until I left in 2004.

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I had just walked in the door from school, would have been 11 years old at the time. I sat in silence watching the tv, couldnt get my head around the enormity of what was happening. My parents took me to new york when i was 5 and i can still remember being completely amazed at the sheer size of the buildings, seeing them come down is a memory that will never fade.