8Y S3 Battery Location


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Pretty sure the s3 battery is in the trunk as well


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I know for 8V, it is under the hood, unless it is the RS3, but the 8Y seems different, but I am not sure so wanted to confirm.

I clearly see the battery in the A3 but not the S3.

8Y S3 Hood

8Y A3 Hood (skip to 0:37)


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rs3 has in trunk because engine has 5 cyliders and its bigger then 4 ;-)

I know, but the S3 sedan, as shown in the above picture, also doesn't seem to have the battery under the front hood either, unlike the A3.
or I am simply missing the S3 battery location. :)


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Confirmed, for the North American version, the 8Y S3 sedan's battery (8:48 in the video) is in the rear trunk, like the 8V RS3. No more spare tires.


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Yeah. I wonder what Audi changed in the S3 hood for the North American version to have to move the battery to the trunk.
Yes its a strange one I know some car companies do it for weight distribution but I can't see this being the case on the S3