8V S3 knocking noise on startup

Brenden Phenix

New Member
Hello! I'm not sure if there is a thread about this or not, there's so many threads on here, its hard to find exactly what you are looking for!

Regardless, I have been having a rather strange light "knocking" sound coming from the engine bay, after startup mainly, but occasionally when put into gear after a drive. It's not always a consistent noise, sometimes it comes for a few seconds, leaves, and comes back. Biggest thing that has me stumped, is once the vehicle is switched out of park, it goes away instantly. The noise has been there for quite some time, and the vehicle pulls and drives like it should, but it still worries me, given the sound. I also notice there seems to be a slight "chug" when I start it, sometimes worse than others, and mostly only occurs on cold startup. I've been driving it despite the strange noises, because i've heard these engines are rather noisy, but I wanted to have a conversation with some other owners to hopefully put my mind to ease.

The car has 49k miles, and a stage 1 APR tune, and intake, otherwise stock.

Thanks a lot in advance!!!