8V front bumper conversion


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Hello guys, I am looking to convert my 8P’s front bumper to the 8V one, along with the headlights and ofcourse the grill.

can someone please help me with some measurements?
I need to know the exact lenght of the bumper from side to side and the height from bottom to the line where meets the fender so I know if they will fit properly.

Thanks and sorry for the clumsy drawn pic.


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Might be alot of custom work. I have my old front bumper for sale if interested (and in California).
Thanks but I already have a cheap offer in my city.
Could you please take the measurements I asked on your bumper and post them here?


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Don’t do it i remember i seen something like that the old gen1 audi a3 with an 8P bumper on and it looked the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen.

stick with the era of your car or purchase an 8V if you really want one.