8p S3 Chassis upgrades


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Good evening guys

i have a number of questions i would like your opinion on , having very recently purchased a 57 plate S3 i have found the suspension far from my liking , which was highlighted even more during a trip to the Ring.

I have fitted Eibach springs to the front and Eiabch adjustable to the front and rear with Federal 595RSR tyres but it was still not very good despite feeling quite firm on the road , i usually throw expensive coilovers at all my cars and then spoil there road manners and as this car is used to get me to and from my office i dont want it over hard , so my questions are as follows.

1. does anyone what the front and rear spring rates are on a 57 plate S3
2. what recommendations do you have for further upgrades based on it being a daily driver which will do 6 to 10 track days a year 2 days at Spa and a couple of closed trackdays at the Ring
3. does anyone know how much camber can be used front and rear

any one small tuning question do the turbo back miltek systems really work that well on a remapped car