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8p s3/a3 BOSE Android head unit connector issue and also Interference

S3Jay Jan 10, 2020

  1. S3Jay

    S3Jay Registered User

    Hi I hope you're all well!

    I recently fitted an Xtrons android head unit to my 8p s3 2010 facelift and noticed when I first opened the box that it comes with a Quadlock to ISO adapter however the original plug on my car IS a Quadlock so ideally I need a Quadlock to Quadlock loom but I am unable to find one and was wondering if anyone has stumbled across this issue on their own vehicle? I have managed to just plug my cars Quadlock straight into the unit but the rear speakers or sub do not work so it has partial function in meantime, The ISO loom has RCA connectors which was apparently for the BOSE system according to the little instruction leaflet which is weird because I HAVE BOSE and my OEM wiring does not have RCA cables so even if I could connect that ISO loom the rear speakers probably still wouldn't work due to me having nothing to connect the RCA's to. I also have a whine noise which correlates with rpm but I think that will be a seperate issue relating to a ground but could be wrong. So if anyone could maybe advise on what they did to combat the interference and connector issue I would appreciate it. I just don't want to be splicing my OEM wiring. Maybe there is a Quadlock to Quadlock loom out there with a built in resistor for the interference issue but I can't find it.

    Take care

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