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8P RS3.......Questions.......

Alan Oliver Nov 9, 2019

  1. Alan Oliver

    Alan Oliver Member

    Having had a 8P S3 last year and due to a motorcycle accident had to get rid for an Auto. As a stop gap whilst my claim is ongoing got a Scirocco TSI DSG . Ideally my itch is on the dark side (E92 M3) but due to the feet dragging on the defendants insurers side unless I look at the bottom of the market I am not budget wise where I need to be.
    How much quicker does a STD RS3 8P feel than an S3(mine had Catback Miltek, Don't think it had a remap, Not 100pc sure)
    Anything to look out for, Brakes Warping & squealing initially but largely sorted now?
    Reliable Tuning stage 1, bhp, cost etc advice all greatly accepted.

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  3. fernando young

    fernando young Active Member Team Daytona Audi RS3

    RS3s are extremely reliable, not many things fail easily and theyre tough.
    the brakes on the RS3 have had 3 revisions, being revision C the latest. those in combination with aftermaket pads (cuz stock ones are terrible) like EBC redstuff, or even more OEM pads like ATE ceramic will be spot on.

    a stock RS3 compared to a stock S3, it feels way faster
    a stock RS3 compared to a stage 1 S3, they feel similar, but the RS3 may still be faster
    a stage 1 RS3 compared to a stage 1 S3, is WAY WAY faster, a completely different beast.

    if you buy a RS3, you must remap it to stage 1, in my opinion, the rest of mods are just personal taste
  4. Grey_Man

    Grey_Man Member

    And a Stage 2+ RS3 8P is much, much quicker ha, but you will be looking at extra hardware add on’s, brakes, exhaust and intercooler ect, mapping will bring the engine back on par with the 8v and beyond if required, it’s like keeping up with the Jones ha

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  5. Alan Oliver

    Alan Oliver Member

    Stage 1 I think (6pts on licence at mo)should suffice. I know these are rare but amazed by how few on the market don't have wingback seat option. Had them in the S3 so a must have. Also want Black rather than Alu pack. There's one local that's fits the criteria apart from the exterior colour which happens to be only colour I definitely won't have, black.
  6. 45bvtc

    45bvtc Well-Known Member Supporter SQ5 owners group Team Cornflower Blue Gold Supporter Team Sahara Silver Team Sepang Audi RS3 Audi TT


    The 2.5 5-pot gives the 8P RS3 a greater overall 'FEEL' that is difficult to pin-point: I first drove a demonstrator in 2011, having an S3 that I thought I'd never sell, and 3-days late had purchased one of the first two available here in the UK. I still have it. Mine/ours is not engine-performance 'modified' as I prefer to just 'drive' the darn thing harder as and when - and 'ours' for a long time yet! The 8P RS3 is a great car, and today way under cover for fun!

    One thing for sure the 8PRS3 will 'feel' so much more than your 8PS3 and that, after a few weeks/months/years maybe, you will find difficult to define!



    Oh, and had very few issues and those fully resolved and for sure NON that would prevent me recommending an Audi 8PRS3 to anyone - as I've done soooo many times; tis a cracking piece of kit! :racer:

    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
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  7. Bazgti

    Bazgti Member

    Hi Alan,

    Im not to sure how much my 2 pennies worth will help but I hope it may help your decision to buy. I swapped in my Stage 2+ Golf 6R and bought an RS3 8P. Initially I doubted my decision because the Golf felt much quicker and more 'sparky' and was a real handful. When I bought the RS it felt very flat and in comparison to the Golf, timid. However, I mapped the RS at Awesome back in April and its completely different animal. It would absolutely decimate my very a quick R, even at Stage 2 +. So you ask whether a Stage 1 S3 would match an RS3, maybe. But a stage 1 RS3, not a chance, ever. Plus the 4 pot with a Miltek that I had on my R sounded nice. But the sound of the RS is completely different and addictive soundtrack. S3 is a great car but that 5 pot is something else and ridiculously smooth, almost effortless. I have the wingbacks in mine too. The look the absolute bo*locks.
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