8P puddle light LED kit for 5dr, any recommendations?


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Door puddle lights:

I’ve seen a few kits for £28 delivered including x4 harness, x4 white and x4 red led modules ready for fitting.

is anyone on here offering something which is competitive (UK)?



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I bought the Ali kit and then replaced it with @RobinA3 kit. The Ali kit was fine but the wire quality wasn’t that good and the led’s were poor.

I’d recommend Robins kit - more ££ upfront but worth it.


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Thanks everyone need to think about this now, as it’s a full £100 more.


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Thank you everyone for the recommendations.

Kits off aliexpress and ebay are massively cheaper than my kits, their prices are lower than what I pay for my parts (at trade prices) in order to create my kits. I simply can't compete with their prices but what I do offer is harnesses that are designed for every model of Audi (not generic one size fits all) so harnesses will follow the OEM routing, very high quality harnesses with splice free feature so no soldering etc of wires, step by step fitting instructions, same day or next day dispatch as I personally make the harnesses myself from scratch in the UK and best of all customer service and support that I am sure members on here will vouch for.

George Kost

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Robin is absolutely right!
Recently I made all the looms myself for PDC and PLA retrofit so I know that it costs much more to source all the parts and build the looms.
I have seen the looms of Robins and they are top quality.
Personally I went for a ready kit from Ali express because I couldn’t justify at that time the cost of Robins looms for such an upgrade which I could live without it.
Does the Ali express kit works? Yes it does. I had no problem. Probably Robin has better bulbs inside though.

So I think that it all comes down to the fact that it depends what you need.
If you need the quality and the instructions and the support, then go for Robin.


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The quality of Robin’s looms are indistinguishable from the OEM looms. He really does make a high-quality product. I got both the door lights and the footwell lights and I couldn’t be happier.


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I've just purchased Robins footwell looms. They are OEM quality, very professional. Would pay the cost all day long for peace of mind...