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8P Halogen to single Xenon headlights, wiring adaptor required?

Nessy Jun 7, 2016

  1. Nessy

    Nessy VW + Audi mad

    I've done so much reading my head is spinning!
    The plan is to upgrade the halogen headlights on my '06 8P to Genuine single xenon's, I've got VCDS so coding isn't an issue
    Do I need to buy a wiring harness adaptor, or are the single xenon's a direct plug-in swap for the halogens?
    I keep reading conflicting info, although I think that these harness adaptors are only needed when going down the bi-xenon route?
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  3. KurtisBye

    KurtisBye Registered User

    direct plug in to the 10pin plug mate and just change to xenons on vcds, just done it myself!
  4. Nessy

    Nessy VW + Audi mad

  5. David_322

    David_322 Registered User

    I've been looking to do this to mine also, so much info it's all so confusing, was wondering if you happen to have the part numbers for the lights? As I'm having trouble telling the normal xenon from bi xenon

  6. Nessy

    Nessy VW + Audi mad

    If you Google 'online Etka' you'll find this website;
    Click on the Audi name and then select model and year of car.
    For the A3 (pre-DRL versions circa 2008) you have halogen, xenon, bi-xenon and adaptive bi-xenon (the ones that turn as you go around corners) headlights as possible fitments.
    The halogen headlight has a reflector for both the dipped and main beam bulbs whilst the single xenon has a reflector for the main beam but a projector lens with a chromed trim ring for the outboard dipped beam.
    The bi-xenons are fairly easy to tell apart from the single xenon as the bi-xenon has a sort of further chromed ring around the projector lenses, basically it has a double chromed rim with a gap in between.
    (There are a few minor internal differences too).
    This may sound complicated but is obvious when you see it!


    Single xenon;

    Remember if buying from eBay etc that for UK use you want headlamp numbers suitable for 'left hand traffic' !

    For some reason the online Etka mentioned above has an error when you try and look at the 2004-2006 single xenon A3 headlight.It shows the correct part numbers but the image shows a halogen headlight all the time! Remember that one as it confused me for a while!

    Hope this helps !
  7. Nessy

    Nessy VW + Audi mad

    For the benefit of future readers thought I'd post a few comments now that the single xenon's are on the car...
    Regarding the headlight levelling, I didn't fancy fitting the headlights without the manual I-II-III adjustment facility and after reading old threads on here was aware that the xenon headlight has a totally different adjuster motor to the halogen headlight.
    Not wanting to butcher the headlights coming off the car I sourced a cheap pair of headlights off eBay to donate their adjustment motors, one was a 2008 headlight whilst the other dated from 2006.
    The donor headlights were stripped of the adjustment motors and the wiring was traced back to the 3 relevant pins on the headlight connector plug.
    No wires were cut, using 2 jewellers screwdrivers very carefully the locating tabs were pushed in either side of each pin and each wire pulled out of the connector block.
    This was repeated on the xenon lights and the motors and wiring swapped over from the donor halogens to the xenon's.
    This brings me to the only fiddly work involved in the conversion, that of the orientation of the motor.
    As I'd already discovered from previous threads , the halogen adjustment motor won't fit inside the xenon headlight at the same orientation due to the bigger xenon projector assembly getting in the way.
    So, the motor had to be mounted at 90 degrees to the original and so using a Dremel the motor mount was adapted.
    Imagine my surprise when coming to do the other headlight I found that the halogen headlight adjustment motor in the other donor headlight (dated 2006) was already at the right orientation!
    The first motor had come from a 2008 headlight (I'd assumed the age didn't matter) but there was a difference , if I'd sourced 2 x 2006 units then the work would've been less.
    This brings me to the only issue that I didn't believe anyone has touched on so far.
    Comparing the length of the xenon and halogen adjustment motors side by side it was apparent that the xenon unit is longer.
    It isn't possible to swap parts over between the two as the ball on the end of the xenon adjuster rod is bigger.
    I had no option, in order to give the same degree of headlight adjustment /movement than to mount each motor about 9mm closer to the headlight lense by means of stainless washers and longer stainless screws on the motor mount.
    When I actually did the headlight swap, I found that putting the car on axle stands and removing both front wheels made the job of removing the front bumper much easier.
    Some reports mentioned that you can pull the bumper sides clear enough to get the headlamp out without fully removing the bumper but in practice I found that there was virtually no clearance still if you did this and that removing the bottom row of screws from the bottom lip of the bumper took only about another 5 minutes.
    The moral of this story is, just save yourself hassle and remove the bumper if you intend to take the headlights out, I'm surprised how easy it was and wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
    Once the xenon's were fitted, I found the headlight adjustment worked first time perfectly and so did all of the lights (result!) and everything went back together easily, it was simply a matter then of taking it to my local garage and having the headlight alignment adjusted.

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