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Here is a guide to Changing Bi-Xenon headlights for European Driving on a A3 (8P) using VAG-COM. These instructions have now had a second section added on how to change the Adaptive Xenon headlights as well. These use a different Channel to the normal Bi-Xenon headlights.

Change Bi-Xenons for European Driving

I've just looked in Elsawin and it looks like a 2005 8P with Xenons should have a lever in the headlights to change them for continental use. Here is a link to the Elaswin page which may help:

change xenons for continental use

If your particular headlights do not have this lever then it may well be a visit to the dealer to have them changed on their diagnostic kit.
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New DRLs from stock to whiter light (blue tint when off)
DRLs: PIAA H227 Xtreme White S25 Single 382 Bayonet 21 watt
£12.71 each purchased from hid.uk.com/priracing.com

UPDATE: New Chrome Mirror bulb due to be available mid May

Sidelights from stock to whiter light (again blue tint, but not really noticeable)
Sidelights: PIAA H222 Xtreme White Wedge sold in pairs 5 watt each
Colour temperature 4150k
£11.91 for the pair purchased from hid.uk.com/priracing.com

Also available in Chrome Mirror White Range (no blue tint to bulb)
PIAA H363 Chrome Mirror White Range sold in pairs 5 watt each
Colour temperature 4100k
£13.79 for the pair available from hid.uk.com/priracing.com

Side repeater from stock orange to chrome
Side Repeaters: 501 Chrome Wedge sold in pairs
£6.99 for the pair purchased from Autobulbs direct on Ebay

Indicators from stock orange to Philips Silvervision (remove orange look)
Indicators: Philips Silvervision PY21W Sold in pairs 21 Watt
Purchased from Ebay for £8.99 (make sure the packaging is the new style not old)

Full thread here


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Part numbers for the new MY09 facelight rear lights.

8P3 945 095A (tail light - left 2 doors - left hand traffic only)
8P3 945 096A (tail light - right 2 doors - left hand traffic only)
£77.36 each inc VAT (UK)
€102.13 each inc VAT (IRL)

If you want the right hand traffic versions just remove the A from the end of the above part numbers.

8P4 945 095 E (left outer tail light)
8P4 945 096 E (right outer tail light)
8P4 945 093 D (left inner tail light)
8P4 945 094 D (right inner tail light)
No prices for the SB lights as yet.

There is no difference in the part numbers for LHT and RHT SB rear lights.

Lights include the glass, bulb holder and all bulbs.
3dr lights are a straight swap. Awaiting confirmation of additional connectors required for SB inner lights.

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Ok here goes, after months of deciding I took the plunge and went for the conversion. Originally I had the split grill on my A3 - at the time of buying it was at the top end of my budget so was the best I could get. Leather interior was on the priority. My first purchase was the ABT front conversion panel, then I fitted an ABT lower spolier - I loved the look of this but still wanted the single grill so took the plunge.

Basically I went from this


to this


HERES THE FULL THREAD - click the link below

Conversion pre-facelift double grill bumper(2003-2005)to facelift S-line bumper

Please can you make any comments on the above thread and keep this thread tidy.



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"Lamin-x Provides clear and colored
protective films that protect highly
impacted easily damaged areas.
Use on paint, headlamps,taillamps,
foglamps,or many other surfaces.
Preserve the value and
appearance of your

Below is a pic of Lamin-X film fitted to my headlights and foglights. For more info regarding where the product can be purchased as well as the fitment thereof have a look at this thread:




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