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8J Ronal 5 spokes

--AUDI-- Mar 1, 2014

  1. --AUDI--

    --AUDI-- Registered User

    Hi all, a friend of mine at work has just replaced his wheels on his a4 and wants to sell his old ones

    They are the 5 spoke ronals in 8j et43 I believe, just wondering on a ball park figure for the 4 wheels bearing in mind that 1 of them needs a weld repair as there is a small crack from a pothole, also all 4 would need refurbishing due to kerbing around the rims

    No tyres either

    cheers martyn
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  3. G19rnt

    G19rnt Registered User

    If there the ones i'am thinking of I paid £170 plus p+p for 4 in need of a refurb with one half decent tyre and the rest are needing replaced

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