Help with my A3 1.8t please


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Feb 7, 2010
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hi i recently bought an a3 1.8t. the engine management light was on so i had the car checked for codes and it came out with the MAF. i changed the sensor and the engine light went off on its own. every now and then the car stalls on me now when i slow down for junctions!?and a couple of times when i start the engine it struggles to idle and i cannot get any revs out of it for about 5 minutes.any ideas guys??
would be a big help
try disconecting the maf sensor alltogether so pull the plug out and see if the car drives and idles better if it dose then the maf is ****** get a new one
ive only just boght and replaced it tho. it only happenns now and then. if i drive without it connected will it do any damage?
no mate wont do any damage just runs to a default setting on the ecu its the test that everyone dose to see if the maf is faulty unless u have vagcom give it a try if the car runs better then u know the maf is faulty also when u say u changed the sensor did u get a whole new sensor including the housing i mean the round plastic bit or just the sensor witch fits inside the housing could be the wrong sensor for ure car
i just bought the sensor but it was ordered from autocom shop, he said it was the rite one for my car, looked the same when i changed it just the seal underneath was a diffrent wasnt cheap either.i just think its weird the way the ems light hasnt come back on. if i get it plugged into vag com will it tell me if theres a fault even though no warning lights are on?thanks for the advice mate.
i wasnt sure if it was electrical fault somewhere because when im headlights are on and i press the brake peddle the lights flicker and the revs can drop sometimes.
seem to have no luck with cars!lol
you shouldnt really just buy the sensor it usually comes as a whole unit made buy bosch think they cost bout 70quid for the genuine part sounds like uve got the wrong one just unplug it for the time being an see how u get on i think it should drive better untill u can get the right maf for your car