Collinite 476 removal


Sep 27, 2009
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Hello again Fellas. As the title suggests I need to remove the two layers of Collinite I have on my santorin blue Audi Avant. Need to address some minor issues on the paintwork so all the Colly needs to be shifted! What is "THE" product to do this? I have done a search and found that either Megs super degreaser or P21S total auto wash have been used, but the users didn't post their results.....So if you were me what would you use to remove it quickly and easily that dosn't mess with the paintwork. Also method of application, should I wash my car with the chosen product like I would a shampoo, put it through my (now functional!) foam lance and saturate the car or something else?

Cheers Gents.
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Tardis would do the trick.. Panel at a time, plus it would remove all tar etc at the same time.
Hello 5ean. Thanks mate. Yeah I've got some tardis. Was kinda hoping to get it off by washing it off though. Any ideas?
Use Chemical Guys Citrus Wash 'n Gloss!

Brought this on reccomendation by David - I was a little enthusiastic with the measurement and, sure enough, it stripped all (most of!) my protection off. Fail! lol

Failing this, I'd Snowfoam with an APC mix, clay and cleanse - this should leave the bodywork LSP free (or, LSP Ready ;) )
Update: Spoke to chemical guys uk and they reccomended a product they do called strong wash. They tell me it was designed for the removal of wax and sealsnts. Perfectly safe on the paint too. Said to use it as a shampoo. £7 all in. Happy days.
Probably their "Citrus Wash 'n Gloss' just with different colouring agents and a different name! lol

Let us know how you get on Phoenix.
A strong wash with some Megs APc and then a clay. All sorted.
Managed to test out the chemical guys strong wash yesterday. Awesome stuff! Anyone thats looking for a way to remove durable waxes and sealants quickly and safely, should use this. Highly reccomended.
Autosmart Tardis would serve perfectly well too... and remove any bonded oragnic contamination at the same time. Sometime, the more durable waxes and sealants cam prove surprisingly resistant to the likes of R222 Total Auto Wash and Meguiar's APC. :sm4:
I wanted to wash it off. Reason being the car was only tardissed 2 months ago, then the colly was applied.