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Sep 27, 2009
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Hello Gents. I bought a snow foam lance from polished bliss a few weeks back. When I turn the adjuster towards the + it dilutes the mixture, and when I turn it towards - it thickens it up giving more foam. Is this right, as it dosn't seem right??? You would think that turning it to the + would give you more foam, not the opposite! Daft Q I know, but it's annoying me!lol! Any ideas?

Lastly, I am running it through a Karcher K Series (one of the 100bar models). I have tried all sorts of mixture ratios, and am filling with hot water as described on the PB website. I use Megs hyper wash. The foam its producing is ok, but its not as thick as I'de hoped. Its not sticking to the car for very long. Nothing like I've seen in some pics of really thick, dense foam. I've tried all the settings, and usually use 200ml of hyper wash and fill the rest up with warm water and shake. I have also tried using more to get thicker foam but to no avail! Where the hell am I going wrong, or do you guys think I have a faulty lance? Any help would be fantastic.

Cheers Fellas,

Hi mate, my lance is exactly the same with the + & - thing, it's not an issue now I know which way to turn it. It was a bit confusing to start with though.
200mls is a lot of hyperwash to put in the bottle, i normally put about 2cm in the bottom then fill to the top with hot water. This gives a really thick foam.
Hi Ollie, the + equates to more water, the - less water, hence the results you are seeing. Given that there is no perfect fixed setting (because flow rates, pressure, etc, all vary from one pressure washer to another) simply adjust to your own preferences and don't get too hung up on what the dial says. However, what does concern me is the lack of thick foam problem, as this should not be the case. I have a 100bar Karcher unit at home and I get thick foam with just 1 cm of Hyper Wash in my lance bottle, so something is amiss here. How old is your washer, and does the flow rate through appear to be good with the standard vario lance fitted? Just wondering if your unit is a bit scaled up and the flow rate is less than it should be. Do you have any buddies nearby with Karchers who could test it for you? If not, by all means send it back to us and we'll thoroughly test it for you, and replace it if we find a fault/problem that cannot be fixed. If you want to talk it through in detail please don't hesitate to give us a call - 0845 4540017. :sm4:
Hello gents thanks for the prompt answers! The +/- thing makes perfect sence now. Like I said a bit daft but was winding me up! My Karcher is new (only 3 washes old) thus its operation being A1. Think I've got to the bottom of it......Got home earlier and inspected the lance. Dismantled it and found, wait for it, a bit of sponge in the outlet (inside the brass connection that the karcher adapter screws into). Only thing I can imagine is the plastic suds pipe that retracts from the karcher unit sucked it up from somewhere when I was testing the lance!!?? Anyway removed it, filled up with a few cm and HEY PRESTO! Foam thicker than Forest Gump!

Thanks again fellas.

I have used 1 pump in the bottom of the bottle to good effect, usually use 2 though and its thick (jordan thick)
I think you would have to use 3 pumps to get it that thick.

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