Rear Wash Wipe Not Working


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Jan 27, 2010
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Has anyone encountered this problem my front wash wipe works fine and the rear wipe works fine just no water coming through at all to wash which is really annoying at the moment with all salt on the road.
i had this recently the pipe comes off inside the rear hatch panel simple to press back on but it could cause another problem like it did for me. The boot lock mechanism and switch got soaked as the pipe was splashing water everywhere, this made the alarm go off all the tine because the plug on the switch was soaked the alarm system thought the boot was being opened due to a dodgy connection. Get the panel off get the pipe back on and allow to dry out. I think my pie came off because the jets were so the pressure built up and blew the pipe off. Hope this helps.
Mine has done it this last week too. Hopefully I will just need to reattached the pipe.
Mine did this but only the jets where blocked .nothing a pin didn't sort
I had this problem too, but the water was gushing out into the boot and coming out under the rear arches. It amounted to a perished pipe within the boot lining. A real nightmare to get to. Fortunately repaired under warranty.