High mileage A4 Avant 2.5 tdi what to look for????


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Feb 19, 2004
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I'm going to look at a 02 plate 2.5tdi quattro estate that has 148K on the clock anything I should look out for?

Do they take milage well or are they a money pit?

Thanks for your help.
hey mate i think you just need to look out for the normal really i have a 52 plate 1.9 tdi sport with 138k on it but drives like its done 50k.
very good cars to buy really have a good drive if there is any thing wrong it should show up
At that mileage it should have had it's second cambelt change, if not then I would set aside £500 ish for that and all ancillaries. The early 2.5's suffered very bad cam wear, but hopefully by 2002 that would have been sorted.

Fuel pumps and turbo's are 'generally' good for 150k, so either of those could become a concern, and has a 'possibility' of a £500- £1k bill depending on circumstance.

Great cars though, so don't let any of those things put you off! Just study the service history carefully and adjust your offer accordingly.

They're great cars. Mine's done 186 000 and I've had it from new. Very few problems other than Multitronic transmission. If you're buying manual, no probs, but multitronic are prone to failures. My engine still uses no oil between approx 18 000 services. As quattrojames says check cambelt 2nd change or not. I think the recommended interval is 80 000, and it's a big job as the front of the car has to come off for access. Good idea to have water pump replaced at the same time. Good luck hope you have as much pleasure as mine's given me.