Yes, definately going to this. Hotel booked.

Will there be an audi-sport cruise or stand over there?
i am also attending this so if there are any others from scotland area going drop me a pm.
I'll be going, its walking distance from my house! :)
I might be, not quite sure just yet, will update, closer to the date.
Only just realised its on Mothers Day, and as its the Wifeys 1st one, i really dont think she is going to appreciate walking around looking at Golfs all day...lol
im heading up with a few mates, out of interest how can you get your car inside? i know its too late now but will know for next year :)
Just had a walk up there to UD, some tasty mk5's and Lupos being heavily detailed!
Make sure anyone thats going gets plenty of pics.
went there today was wicked apart from it lacked in a3/s3's, saw only one 8l and a couple 8p's! some very nice mk1 golfs slammed tho....
i forgot my camera!

I saw loads of 8P's, most there has ever been there, like the blue one on porsche wheels ith the 09 front end, he is a member on here i think.

mattandrews looked great with gloss black valance!
Heres a couple of mine and me mates





I think Matt andrew,sneaked it for best a3 of show :icon_thumright: