Boot opens on its own?


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Jul 20, 2009
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hi all,

has anyone ever had this happen to them? my boot opens on its own, i unlock the car with the remote, get in and as soon as i start the engine the boot opens. i thought it might be the key possibly a dodgy switch on the fob, so tried my other set, same thing?? so now when i get in the car i have to lock the doors before starting the engine, not a bit issue just annoying having to get out to close the boot if i forget.
Silly question but are you sure you aren't pushing the boot unlock button as you turn the car over? Try consciously turning the key without touching the button face of the key...

lol, i thought that when it first happened, so did as you said the next few times but still happening, ive sat in the car with the engine running and i can hear the boot mechanism working over and over, then it stops, then starts again, happened the other day so i got out and closed the boot, and it opened again straight away, was like a scene from faulty towers or something.
LOL, have you checked for fault codes? as sill as it may seem it could be tied into a fault with the central locking controller and checking with VAGCOM might give you a heads up..

One other thing you could check is the rubber boots and wiring going into the boot lid. Could be a split boot and or damaged wiring in there causing a short etc..

not got VAGCOM, but there's a audi specialist near me so will pop over at the weekend, i'll have to chech the wiring and rubber boot tonight, it's only started since the cold weather and ironically the morning after the coldest night where i live, at first i was just hoping that the switches in the boot lid had frozen, but still happening after they have thawed out.
so i got out and closed the boot, and it opened again straight away, was like a scene from faulty towers or something.
:lmfao: I sincerely apologise for having nothing constructive to contribute to this discussion but the thought of someone going all Basil Fawlty because of their boot lid really made me chuckle! Sorry :blush:
mine did this the other day, i was sitting at some traffic lights and the boot mec was working on its own! heard it about 3 or 4 times
It happens to me sometimes too lol. well annoying ! Doesnt do it enough for me to even look into it though.
man the search function of this site is rubbish. I searched for all posts by madvw from "my profile" and I got 3 results. An advanced search gave 2 pages of results... If it showed all my posts i could have shown you the pics and parts needed...

moan over.

Anyway, I had this a few years ago, on boxing day of all days. It was quite funny watching me have to unlock the car, start the engine, run to the back of the car to close the boot then quickly jump in and lock the central locking before it opened again...

The problem is that water has entered the boot around the boot touchpads, and corroded the contacts within the switch. Its inevitable given the design, as they are protected from the outside of the car by a foam gasket - which becomes hard and brittle.

To see how bad the problem is, you'll need to remove the boot panel on the bootlid and remove the 4 connectors going into the boot panel trim. Two of the connectors are for the reg plate lights, the other two are for the boot release soft touch switches. One, some or all of them will be soaking and green with corrosion - and the connector will most likely take the switch pins off with it.

To repair the problem you need to know how many connector you need to replace - any sign of corrosion, replace it. Also, you'll need to replace the soft-touch switch too.

Once you know the extent of the corrosion, order up the new bits.

When I did mine, I just replaced everything apart from the trim itself. I ordered:

2 x number plate lights (come with bulbs)
2 x soft boot switches
2 x connectors (part number on old ones)
2 x repair wires (repair wires come with connectors on both ends, so you can cut them in half and use 1 per connector)

The MOST important bit of all though is to remember to buy the replacement foam gaskets to prevent it from all happening again. If you're reusing good parts, you have to scrape all the old foam gasket crap and adhesive off the boot trim, switches, lights and everything. This'll take twice as long as the whole job. Make sure the parts dept. order ALL the gaskets too, there will be one for all the screws, switches and lights, and they'll either stick to the parts themselves or the boot trim.

When you've got all the bits, strip it down, clean it all up and dry it, and refit the boot trim. Be very careful when re-screwing the boot trim back in, as its easy to strip the thread into the boot trim panel if you over-tighten. Once that's all back in, cut off the knackered connectors, solder on the new repair wires, cover in heat-shrink, and then assemble the connectors - they are a piece of art in themselves (they have a sliding cover once the terminals have been inserted).. then plug it all back in.

probably worth disconnecting the battery too while doing it all i guess... I didnt though, as i needed the ciggy lighter socket for the soldering iron :)
Thanks for the info madvw, i'll strip the boot down this weekend and invetigate. need to sort out my rear washer too, so might as well try to find where the problem is with that too.
Again Thank you all for the help and info, will post a reply when i sort it.

Bobby aka Basil Fawlty
i was at the same set of traffic lights today and it did it again haha
i stripped mine down today, im stuck on getting the grip trim off? i was hanging off it and it wouldnt come away, i even got my haynes out just to check id removed all screws/nuts etc. anyway with out taking the panel off i manged to find the cause, it looks like one of the pins on the soft boot switches a turned to mush due to corrosion so its been shorting out.

so im gonna order two new switches and replace all while its apart.

so how do i got about getting that trim off? cause i will need it off to replace with the new bit when they come.

(sorry to hijack your thread bobby, didnt see the point in starting a new one on the same topic)
not too sure. I remember there were 2 big bolts that screwed into the grip that if you don't tighten up enough, the gaskets don't compress, but if you over-tighten, just break.. The boot switches may clip in through the boot holes.. I really can't remember the detail unfortunately.

I also seem to remember that the boot lock cylinder also sits in the trim too, but that should just slide out?

if the pin has corroded off the switch, you'll have to replace the connectors too, as the pin will be still inside, and already have corroded the contacts and maybe some of the wiring too.

my post was here , and it looks like I didn't put any part numbers in or anything.. Just that all the parts came to £80... that was for everything though, 2 switches, 2 new lights (they come complete with bulbs, screws), wires, connectors and loads of sticky gaskets (but not the big one that goes round the whole grip, you can't order that one anymore apparently). I remember ordering pretty much everything on that etka page.
yer i got the lock cylinder out that part flew out, hmmm i'll have another go once ive got all the bits.

Thank god it wasn't just mine I thought I was going nuts.

Seems to have stopped now (warmer weather??)
It was crazy over Xmas looking for sleeping policeman to shut the boot as I was driving along.
My S3 started doing this yesterday.

This morning when I got in the car...
ive sat in the car with the engine running and i can hear the boot mechanism working over and over, then it stops, then starts again... so i got out and closed the boot, and it opened again straight away, was like a scene from faulty towers or something.

Whenever I stop with the engine running it activates the mechanism over and over. Getting in the car, stopping at lights, getting out. Will just lock the car once i'm in, for now.
When I have time i'll try the fix madvw posted above and i'll report back...