Wax over Collinite?


Sep 27, 2009
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Hello Fellas! Just a quick one. After fully prepping my car I put a few layers of Collinite 476 on top(in intervals). The question I have is can I apply some Autoglym super resin polish over the top of this? Will the SRP have a negative effect on the Collinite? And could I put another layer of 476 over that?

Cheers Guys!
Hi there,

SRP is as it sounds, a polish. It does have some sealing (technically fillers) affect, but it will take off sealents and waxes. Your best bet is to apply another layer of Collis. 476 is very hard wearing and so will last the winter months.

Hope this helps,

Hello mate. Thanks for the reply. I already have applied another layer of collly.....I was interested in SRP as I have used it before and gave excellent scratch filling/covering effects. Collinite dosn't do this.
You just need to stick to the basic rule of polish first, wax after. Ideally wash, clay, polish, wax in that order twice a year and that should be enough for most people. Thats what I do anyway with odd extra wax layer every month or so inbetween. I use collinite too, its good stuff.
Yeah I know. The car was washed, tardissed, clayed, hand polished(full correction not achieved due to this, thats why I was looking for something to fill in the remainding scratches.....) and washed again before a tin of colly was let near it. Trouble is, I think I may have been too eager in applying it. I should have sourced and applicated something to fill these before I applied the Colly! Thing is, i'm a bit reluctant to strip it all and start at base, as I was only going to do this in the spring when I buy a machine and polish to 100% correction. In the meantime, does anyone know of a product I can use that is collinite friendly that I can use as a scratch filler/mask?

Many thanks gents!
The short answer is no, the scratces are now "under" the layers of wax you have used. My advice would be just to leave it alone till you strip it all back and carry out the full correction.
Yeah.....That sounds like the best thing to do. Guess I will have to live with them!

Thanks for all the replies gents!