Battery problem getting worse and worse


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Dec 15, 2009
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Hey all,

my car almosts needs a jump start everytime now, really p1ssing me off now.

going to take it to halfords today and get them to inspect the battery and if they say i need a new one, then so be it, ive had enough!!!!

going to get the car diagnosed tomorrow by a mate, hopefully that would show some kinda indication of what mite be the issue, and hopefully it will show up the reason why my temp guage is busted also!!

can any one tell me where the port is to plug the diagnose?

thanks :thrashi:
Most of us cabby owners on here have had a new battery this year so join the club!!! One tip, if halfords offer to fit it for a fiver LET THEM DO IT!!! Its right at the back of the engine bay and a bit of a pig to get in and out!!!!

The obd port is in the drivers footwell about 8 inches inboard from the bonnet pull :)
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marky, stop being so nice lol the battery swap isnt just a bit of a pig ! its an absolute bast##d.
deffo let the muppets at halfords do it !! if you trust them.
Will agree with the above regarding removal and fitting.

If you let the monkeys at Halfords do it watch them like a hawk as there is a lot of metal pipework around the top of the battery, not sure if its Aircon or Braking pipes, if you have help might be cost effective to do it with a friend :cold:
thanks for the response,

halfords said the battery was fine so was the alternator, he just told me to give my battery a good change over night. its currently being charged up now so lets just see what happens tomorrow.

ive got a spare battery fitted into the car at the mo, my uncle had a spare lying around, so that was helpfull.

believe it or not, the battery was a piece of cake to take off, it wasnt bolted on or anything (strange). just had to remove the black long piece of trim from the top of the engine bay and wiggled it out.

it should be bolted on but its not - shall i be worried?

anywasy, when this tempory batt was fitted it was dead, so gave it a change. - realised the boot wont open, remote door lock wouldnt operate and the fuel gague went dead.

had to open the boot with the kep, unlock the doors with the key and topped up some pterol tho i had loads left and the guage worked. strange - anyone can confirm why?
How can the battery be fine if it needs acharge?Did they check the cells and make sure levels are up?If not you should do so before charging it andtop up if needed otherwise you will damage the plates which should be below the acid levels.Have you got a tester? you can buy mini eye dropper types which give agood idea of the acid strength or a proper hydrometer which i find best to show charge level and differences between cells.The battery should be clamped with abolt and plate which you may find in the bottom of the tray if someone had not bothered before>obviously best not have it sliding around when you have sorted it out.
Are you in the AA or RAC? if so get them out they have proper equipment to test batteries and the charging system and for drains on the electrical system. Also be vary of the Halfords monkeys i recently had to repair a car that they fitted a battery to the wrong way round:( fortunately the car in question had a fusible link what protected the delicate electronics.
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