Rear wash wipe blockage

Mike B

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Jul 10, 2007
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I have never used this until today since buying my 2003 2.5 Tdi avant in july this year .Wipe but no wash so attacked the two nozzles with a hat pin and had success until i tried adjusting the direction . one was stuck fast and the pin head broke off completely blocking the hole.I and this may found it was possible to remove the cover and then pop off the plastic holder from the pipe thereby revealing the dirt .Cleaned this and luckily pushed the point of thin pin down and out of the holder.Much easier to clean and free the jets with tthe holder off This may help anyone with similar prblems now we have allthe salt and grit getting into our orifices!
Just done this (and broke the pin!!) on my sisters B5 Avant (which used to be mine)!

The humble hat invaluable part of any tool kit LOL.....

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