Front Bumper Question


Oct 10, 2008
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Just dinked my fornt end :keule:

Does anyone know how much a new front bumper for an 07 S3 would cost?

ouch what happend dude ? hope it works out ok and no damage behind !
It's like an icerink round my end mate and was just trying to come to a stop form not very quickly and even with ABS just very slowly crunched into a steel fence..
Just looked at it again this morning and its not too bad-it can wait til after xmas.
200 quid's not too bad tho-anyone with any ideas on fitting costs?
hey dan what mods have u got to get yours to 450 BHP!!!
hey dan what mods have u got to get yours to 450 BHP!!!
id ty to fix yours first buddy it might save you the costs of buying and painting when you could maybe just get away with a bit filler and paint :)

the mods on mine are extensive,the full build thread is on, GT3076R turbo and bsh manifold, 83mm forged pistons and rods etc etc a lot of work into it, running low settings until the engines bedded in then upping them and should be seeing around 500hp and 1330kg ish.....if your about were going to santa pod 17th jan

jonnyC is now busy building the same spec to his gold ED30 and we will be going head to head up the 1/4 mile :) should be great to see