What car did you have before S3? and what next?

Cavalier SR
Toyota Starlet in Shocking Bright (Tango Machine) Orange..LOL
205 1.6 GTI
205 1.9 GTI (160 BHP)
MK3 GOLF VR6:ninja:
Sure there was a similar thread on this a few months ago. My list:

Passed my test in '93, but didn't own my first car until I'd left Uni 3 years later, and boy, did I buy a cracker:

1985 Vauxhal Nova 1.2 (Saloon, with Burgundy interior - arrgh! Cost me £150), then I realized what I wanted in a car:

1990 Pug 205 XS (brilliant)
1991 Pug 205 1.6 GTi (even better)
1996 Pug 306 XSi 8v (much more grown up and tourqey, but cracking to drive)
1999 Pug 306 Rallye (utterly, completely brilliant)
2000 Pug 306 GTi 6 (as most of you know, essentially the same car as the Rallye, but I was getting old and needing aircon etc), and now:
2002 Audi S3 (no mods)

It's interesting to see that quite a few of us are ex-Peugeot hot hatch owners(maybe not quite so dedicated as me). It's such a shame that Pug have completely and utterly lost the plot and squandered their hot hatch heritage. They've lost me as loyal customer, and how many others - numptys.

Had the Pug 307 looked nothing like it does, and had they bothered making it a decent successor to the 306 GTi 6 ( sounds a bit like Trigger's broom), I would still be driving them now, even if the Audi is light years ahead in build quality, and the S3 is faster than even the Rallye, it's not just as involving or as much fun to drive. I know if I spent £4k on modding the S3 it would be better, but other than chipping it, I might as well buy something else. Still, I've had the S3 for almost 2 years and love it.

Next car? Def an 8P S3, but am waiting until they reach 3 years old and loose the worst of their depreciation. So I'm either after a last of the line 8L S3 with low miles or maybe a Golf GTi MkV to keep me tided over until the 8P S3's come in range....
I'm 36, passed me car and bike tests in 1992 and here's my car history up till now: (Big up to Admiral Multi-Car)

Fiesta 1.1 + Honda XL 125 Scrambler
Fiesta 1.1 LX + Honda XR 250 Scrambler
Orion Ghia
Orion Injection Ghia
Rover 214 SEi + Kawa ZXR 400R + Yam FZR 400
VW Corrado 16v + Suzi GSXR 750 WP
Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec + Fireblade 918cc
Corrado G60 + Pug 205GTi 1.9 + Volvo 850 + Kawa ZX7-R
Corrado G60 + Audi 1.8TQS + TVR Chimaera V8 + Fireblade 929cc RRY
Corrado G60 + Audi S3 + TVR Chimaera 4.0 V8 + Fireblade 1000cc RR5

Current car(s): Audi S3 (225), VW Corrado G60 and a Vectra for bad weather, shopping trips and generally keeping the mileage off the other 2.
Most Fun Car: TVR Chimaera V8.
Most capable car: Audi S3
Best Handling Car: Corrado G60
I keep mentioning the 'rado G60 'cos she deserves it. It's a Supercharged Go-Kart. I could never part with the 'rado G60.
My Next Car????
Can't see past the S3 right now, though may consider a 2003-2004 RS6 Avant soon.
The S3 cost about 15K as Audi Approved with 19K miles on it in July 2007. If someone is looking for a really good S3 I may consider selling it, 28k miles on it now, totally standard, mint condition.

Well done, Good Thread by the way
Since passing in 2002:

1995 Golf mk3 1.8 Driver
1996 Alfa Romeo 145 1.6 boxer
1991 Golf Mk2 GTi 16v (with wide BBS splits and rallye front end)
1997 Golf VR6 highline
2001 Audi S3