How to wake your girlfriend

Very funny although my wife didn't see the funny side.:icon_thumright:
haha, that's brilliant! I am going to try that. However, my wife is a bit of a sleep walker/ talker, and one night she thought I was another man in bed with her. She didn't kick me out of bed either, just wouldn't let me spoon her, haha! Maybe i should be worried about this? :detective2:
Na, I wouldn't worry.... It could of been worse!

How so?? :laugh:

She does some brilliant stuff in her sleep, she once jumped out of bed to catch a light which was falling from the ceiling. I was laid in bed laughing so hard at her. She has also got dressed for work a few times too.

Come to think of it, she thought I was someone else another time too. This time though she started texting me, getting all annoyed as I wasn't home from work yet (obviously I was as I was laid next to her, but she thought I was another man). She sent the text, and an "oh crap" was suddenly blurted out as she regained control of her brain and realised the foolishness!

Gotta love sleep-walkers/ talkers

Well, she could of thought you were another bloke AND let you spoon her....

I used to have a bird like that, I used to have to guide her back to bed when she was sleep walking. It was actually a pain in the *** to be fair :(
haha, that is a fair point, hadn't thought of it like that! Maybe one day she'll think i'm another woman and ravish me...that'd be awesome!