Cleaning my chrome tailpipes


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Oct 6, 2007
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West Mids
guys, my once shiny chrome tailpipes on the A4 Cab are now as black as *********....

...Has any one got any tips on how to get them looking as good as new with minimal elbow grease ?
I recently polished mine up with some autosol metal polish and a little bit of elbow grease. Comes up a treat!

Edit: Sorry forgot to add, i also used a very light abrasive dremel extension.

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you could use autosol then apply a hi temp laquer to the tail pipe.
Clean them and polish them using a good quality metal polish, and then treat them with Blackfire All Metal Sealant. This is a high temperature resistant polymer sealant that will prevent soot from bonding for 3-4 months at a time, meaning it can be washed off with just a wash mitt during the wash normal process. Tried and tested, even on high performance jap cars that kick out mental heat - it works! It also makes a great wheel sealant too. Details on this link...

I use Autosol on mine just with a cotton cloth.

In fact the last time I did them was around 6 months ago and I just wipe them with my "wheel" sponge everytime I wash the car and they are as good as new.
is extra fine wire wool ok?

I dont go long enough between washes these days to need it but I have done in the past and its worked a treat.

Just give them a polish after for extra shine.

cheers guys, i have a week off this week so will have a bash at shining them up, will get some before and after pics for added effect !
i always use autoglym metal polish in the toothpaste tube not the tub If its minging a couple of polishs and it should be gleaming :)
try the brilliant polish range, then a metal sealer
SILVO is excellent, have used it for years to great success. (similar product to brasso)

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