Indicators: Hazard Relay.


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May 7, 2009
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Hi, Done a bit of research on the forum, turns out that i have a problem a few other user's have come across, the indicators, my indicators are not functioning properly they go on and they off after a few blinks. Turns out it could be the Hazzard relay behind the centre console connected to the hazzard switch. Question is where is the cheapest place to pick up a hazzard relay or is it a main dealer part? Also can someone give me a little run through on how to get behind the centre console i.e where the screws are and the easiest way to get in. A bit of help would be appriciated as this problem has occured right before the MOT Due on Thursday, Typical haha. :icon_thumright:
Its a dealer only part and it's around £32 iirc. Just remove the trim and swap the hazard switch out and your indicators will be fine again
Champion, £32 is fair to be honest, il take a trip down to the Audi garage soon and get one, any Help on removeing the centre console mate?
just get a blunt item behind the piano trim and it will just pop off....shouldnt take too much effort as the clips arent the strongest...then you'll be able to slot the indicator out
Apologises for the bump... Could somebody please provide a picture / giude to fitting please?

Im at a total loss and my indicators now DO NOT work atall. Replaced the fuse / thats still not solved it.

Thanks people


dj archive if you put hazard relay in the search theres a couple of threads with the pictures on bud.
I have had this problem also in the past.

Get the hazard relay, remove the stereo using stereo keys and unscrew your way up the dash. Easy to change over the switches. Then start putting things back into place and slide the stereo back in. ----- Bob's your uncle
it may be different for an A3....but the S3 you dont need to take the stereo out....