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May 12, 2004
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Durham UK
I have returned to Audi ownership after 4 years.

I had a 2001 S4 that had all been done by ABT. 4 year ago I traded that in and bought 2001 BMW M3 Convertible.

Yesterday I traded M3 in for a 2004 Audi A4 2.5 TDi Sport Cabriolet.

I woke up this morning to find water on th passenger seat.

It was really stormy.

Has anyone else had problems?

What is repair is it usually seal failure or poor aligment etc.


Hi and welcome to the site :)

Get yourself down to halfords and get an autoglym soft top kit, contains a bottle of cleaner, a bottle of waterproofer and a sponge. Follow the instructions and give the roof a clean then give a good coating of the waterproofer and that should do the job! The roofs do 'seep' through if they are not treated regularly (every 6 months or so) and you should get 2 treatments from the kit for 20 quid :) Worked on mine though mine was on the drivers side. Other thing to do is clean and treat all of the rubber seals.

Hope that helps

ps.... you've missed the 'n' in your sig !!!
get a hose pipe oout and find where its leeking from first, spray upwards on the windows, not getting the roof wet, iliminate one thing at a time, its more than likely the window seals. if nothing from there, then carry on round to the front seal above windscreen, again rule it out, still nothing then soak the roof.
cant sea it seeping in the roof, must be a seal in my opinion.

the comments from the two guys above are spot on, but id find the spot first.
the cleaning/ sealing kits they mention are ideal, cant comment on the one speedy mentioned as ive not used it, i use the autoglym one and it does a great job.
I had the exact same problem in the exact same place last winter. Fine, treat the roof as a matter of course, but most importantly clean the seals.

Especially clean the metal where the front seal interfaces, this can get very grubby and take a good scrubbing to get clean. Basically, anywhere there is a build up of dirt, the rubber will not form a perfect seal and water may get in.

Also prime culprits are blocked drain holes, these are small holes in the rubber 'cups' that catch the roof bars at the tops of the screen pillars, a straightened out coat hanger with a bit of tape wrapped around the end (so it isn't sharp) can be used to rod these, they go right down the pillar.

If you are feeling flush, you can also buy a bottle of Krytox from VW/Audi to lubricate and refresh the seals.

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