Dam car is costing me.


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Dec 12, 2003
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Well Car broke down again second time this month and 4th time since I bought it :keule:

First time was the water pump due to Audi not replacing it when they did the water pump last year before they sold it to the new owner (wnakers) , so I had to do the work my self. £17 for a metal impeller water pump and one and half days doing the job, it's a cam belt change job so took my time.:gun2:

Week after that one of my injectors gave up the ghost and Like a fool I drove the car home on 3 cylinders (Dave you ******) kill the CAT but I had a sports one ready to replace it (lucky me). New injector fixed by my mate £80 fitting the CAT done by me (Hell of a Job).:banghead:

Two Sundays ago the Battery gave up the ghost just like that no warning or anything one day working the next day it died. £70 and 1 hr to fit it (Audi did not make this easy).:huh:

Then last Wed coil pack died and guess what my spare was nacked too:keule:

My old B5 never gave me this much aggro.:think:

Now I have this off my chest I feel better after buy my self a brand new RS4 wing for £85:eyebrows:
Hey Doc - You missed the fact that your tyre went down at ADI and the valve cap had welded itself on.......

By far the worst of all hey!! :sos:

Sorry to hear about all your problems! I haven't had a great history with my Audi either, cam belt, oil sludge, rear shocks, coil packs, but I still love it!

I just wondered, after your injector went, how did you know you had damaged your CAT? I drove mine probably about 3 miles in total on 3 cylinders, 1 mile home and 2 miles to get the replacement and as far as I can tell, everything is fine now....

Whatsup Doc!!
Sounds like you been having the ol'patients tested.
Look at it this way, once your project is done, it'll compensate you for all the bullsh*t its given you and more....

Cant wait to see it...:yes:
Ahh the wheel issue forgot that one valve cap, but then it only cost me £5.

I drove my car home from Southend total of 45 miles which did the trick. duh
And before you ask it was Sunday evening so chance of getting any parts.

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