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Oct 25, 2009
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Hi guys,

As I said in the title, I'm new to this forum, so, hello. I've been looking at purchasing a new (new to me anyway) car soon and an Audi is on the short list, so I could do with a few pointers and advise if anyone would be so kind as to offer it.
I'm most interested in the A4 convertible after 2002 with the 3.0 V6 engine. I've seen one that I might take a look at and that's a 2002 3.0 V6 Sport convertible. So all I really need to find out is:

1, Any common problems with these to look out for?
2, Is there any known issues with the roof? Leaking or not working properly etc.

If someone could give a few pointers I'd really appreciate it.


hi and welcome,

i have the 1.8T cab and have owned it for around two years now, as for the roof, no probs at all, only advise on the roof really would be to treat it well with good products, especially if its not going to be garaged, not heard of anyone having leaks etc.
as far as the 3.0ltr engine goes, i couldnt image there would be any problems what so ever, a truely solid, bullet proof lump, as i said i have the 1.8t and the problems they suffer from is the oil sludge problem but is avoided with regular servicing with high end top grade oils, but that goes without saying really and would assume this should be advised on any engine, common sense really.

spec wise, which im sure youve done your homework on, i would HIGHLY recommend heated seats, the electric seats i think you could live without but heated should be a must !!! i didnt get them on mine and can honestly say it was one of the only thing i wished it had.
saying that, on the 3.0ltr i think they come pretty well specced up and come standard, but im sure others will be along soon and will be more knowledgable on them than me.

the BIGGEST deal with the car would be documented service history,cambelts, water pumps etc all done and up to date, or could become costly.

any spec that the car doesnt come with which you would like can easily be reto-fitted afterwards with ease 99% of the time.

your in good hands on this site, youll find everyone on here very welcoming and very helpfull, aswell as a great deal of knowledge and experienced members, all willing to help and advise.
good luck in your purchase, keep us posted.
I don't know about the engine as I have a 1.8T, but let me see... yeah basically as 1wheel said.

Buying a 2002, it will probably be in the 60-90k region, so ensure its had cambelt and water pump, or negotiate that into the price and get it done straight away (budget £600).

Check all the electronics, as things can start to go a bit iffy after 6 years, I had a window switch non-working, not a deal breaker, but something to consider. Run the stereo up loudish, the Cabs have a v.decent sound system even on the non-Bose models, which is needed when you have the roof down, but if the speakers get abused they can buzz and rattle even at moderate volumes and are a pain to replace. Fiddle with the AC, make sure all the little motors and actuators that direct the air around to different places are still working. Make sure you've got your full-size spare alloy, jack and toolkit under the boot-floor. Check the roof-shelf in the boot actuates properly when the lever is moved. Should be two remote keys, plastic service key and key-code tag.

Cab roofs are generally pretty good with age, which is amazing considering Audi never specified a home maintenance/care routine for them. I had a few minor leaks after I got mine (really minor, a few drops came in during hours of torrential rain) and this was easily fixed by cleaning the seals. I would recommend doing this when you get it and lubing with Krytox to return them to as new. The only way I know that they can get really messed up is if the car has been in an accident. Run the roof a couple of times, make sure its smooth and consistent.

Oh and if they are offering the wind deflector as an extra (sellers often want more money becuase they were an added extra and can fetch 75-100 on eBay), get it, you'll regret it if you don't.

Thats all I can think of for now.
Thanks for the replies guys. It all sounds quite encouraging so far looking at all that info. Just a couple of things I could do with clarifying. When you say the roof shelf in the boot, do you mean a part that can be moved when the roof is up/closed to give more space? I've not looked at any in detail yet so am not sure. Also, is the stereo equipment easily upgradable? As I know in some cars that have a pretty good system to start with are an apsolute pain to upgrade due to integrated amplifiers etc etc.
I've looked on trader and there is a nice one that would appear to be reasonably priced? Not sure if anyone on here recognises it?? It would be great if someone knows the car. I've been considering going to look at it but wanted to do a little research before hand. The one I'm talking about is here:

Thanks again,

EDIT: Just been doing some searching, trying to find out about the garage that's selling it. Every forum I go to just says stay away. So it looks like this one isn't going to be looked at. Shame, it looks really nice. :3sadwalk:
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heated seats is the one of the really big-nuisance items to retro-fit... rest of it is pretty straight-forward if you change your mind later.
heated seats is the one of the really big-nuisance items to retro-fit... rest of it is pretty straight-forward if you change your mind later.

Your full of good news losty ! lol
id love them, is it really that big a deal to retro ?
ha ha soz 1wheel - was just offer Chad buying advice... wasn't looking to get u down...

tbh - the biggest bit is that the seats are usually pretty expensive (stealers want about £800 per seat, I think!), so if u can get some are being scrapped and haven't had the curtain air-bagged deployed it's possible.... once you've got 'em, still it's a bit of hassle getting the electrics in since u can't just piggy-back another system due to the high current... I've never retro-fitted, but most fitters aren't keen.
some info here although its for a B5 platform car you can get some idea whats involved.
WoW! Note to self: Try to get one WITH heated seats. If I got one without, I don't think I'd be trying to retro fit them. That looks like one hell of a job.

cabrio = top candidate to have heated seats.... although I do kinda miss them on my A4 saloon, but I get by just fine, but on my old Golf Cabby, they were essential to make use of the soft-top... especially for that mid-winter top-down driving... any clear, bright day.... and that top went down!

Speaking of which: on the Golf Mk3 Cabrio Avantgarde's they were standard.... sigh... just Audi milking people for a few extra quid... next thing they'll have things like that "luxury" 2nd headlight on the options list, etc...

IMO the only heated seats that ought to be an optional extra in a cabrio are the back seats!
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****** hell fire !!!!
do you fancy helping ? lol

bought them mate . lol
i emailed the guy on your behalf and sadly they dont do them in BLUE !!!! lol
i emailed the guy on your behalf and sadly they dont do them in BLUE !!!! lol

oh well mate, have to stick with boring BLACK lol ;)

anyway, back on topic, don't be put off by a diesel!! the v6 is silky smooth and doesn't sound anything like a tractor! Nice power delivery, great torque, 40+ mpg! You really don;t know you're driving a diesel, even with the hood off.
LOL, i like working on interiors however i think im out of my depth on that mate
you and me both mate, after looking at that link, my **** went that much i no longer need it heating. lol