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80’s quattro coupes

harley141213 Dec 22, 2020

  1. harley141213

    harley141213 Registered User

    Hi. Probably early but merry Christmas to all, given the current COVID situation .

    just wondering what other people’s thoughts are, ....... I keep finding myself looking at 80’s audi coupe quattro’s

    always wanted one in my early 20’ s but could never afford the insurance.

    kind of cool imo opinion although a decent set of wheels would be better than the factory casters

    thoughts? Usable daily classic? Or are parts difficult to find ? When I say parts, I’m more referring to the serviceable items .

    anyone know of. Good supply of bits other than eBay? I really fancy a nice 2.2 5 cylinder quattro

    am I digging myself a deep hole?
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  3. Raiden

    Raiden Registered User

    I’d say a deep hole unless you have deep pockets. The mrs bought a classic time warp 86 Mini Austin with 3500k on the clock.

    I’m paranoid taking it out and storing it. After 6 months she’s thinking of selling it as we can’t really use it. Doesn’t matter how carful we park it when taking it out it just attracts attention

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  4. harley141213

    harley141213 Registered User

    I think any car that’s different from the norm attracts attention, weather it be an old classic, modern classic, American muscle or otherwise. You either get people want to talk to you because that had one back in the day, or the fact they always wanted one, or simply they haven’t the minerals to be different.
    If I won the lottery I wouldn’t have a new car, as the all look the same.

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