8 Speed Tiptronic CVT Gearbox oil


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Hi guys,

Sorry to start another thread about this, I've read almost every thread on the internet about this subject but still I'm unsure.

I have a 2012 Q5 S-Line Quattro (2.0T Petrol) with the 8 Speed Tiptronic CVT Gearbox. I'm aware that this particular gearbox is reffered to as 'maintenance free' and does not require the oil changing every 20-30k like some other boxes (like the 7 Speed S-tronic on the older Q5 for example).

Firstly I'll just say that the gearbox is perfectly fine, no problems at all and "if it ain't broke don't fix it and all that..." however the car is on 120k so I was thinking of doing some preventative maintenance by way of changing the gearbox oil. As far as I know it's never been done and 120k is a long time to have the same oil.

I called up Audi Wolverhampton for a price. They checked with the tech and was told that it doesn't ever need doing, regardless of mileage. Unless there's a problem they wouldn't even carry out the work as the gearbox is a "sealed unit".

I was sceptical and called Audi Shrewsbury, same again, again they checked with the tech as there was no option to book in a gearbox oil change on my car. The tech came back saying it doesn't ever need to be touched. It's a sealed unit and they couldn't price the job as it wasn't on their system. This time however he said they would do the work if I wanted, but only if it was authorised by Audi UK. They game me the number for Audi UK.

I called Audi UK and again the guy told me it doesn't ever need to be changed. He checked with 2 different people and both confirmed that it's a sealed unit and doesn't need to be changed ever. I said so even on 300k the same gearbox oil would be fine? The guy replied: yes. I said surely after 120k the oil must be like treacle and wouldn't it be at least a good preventative measure to get it changed regardless? He said they don't recommend it and could not authorise Shrewsbury Audi to do the work.

While I was on the phone to him I bought up a few threads of people asking the same question on the 8 speed box and giving prices that they have paid to have the work done, but the guy was adamant that those gearboxes referred to in these threads must be different to mine because mine does not ever need to be done.

He gave me the gearbox code: NWP and said my box is the 8 speed Tiptronic which categorically does not ever need to have the oil changed. He said even if it was possible at an independent garage they would seriously advise against it and said that if the gearbox suffered any issues after that Audi would be limited in the help they could offer.

Any thoughts on this anyone? Am I being paranoid?


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Not sure what more reassurance you need..I assume that it’s in the handbook and confirmed with Audi uk..drop them an email outlining the conversation so if anything does go wrong at least you have notified them.

As you noted there are no issues...so all looking good!!