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Sep 24, 2008
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anyone got a part number fro the front inner cv?

Autoparts have gave me the wrong part TWICE! Car is in bits on the drive.

plz anyone?
i cant rember the part number but its audi only for it and iirr its about 98.00 as i done mine on my qts few months back after having people sending out the wrong parts over and over agen
Not a full joint but i needed an inner cv boot last week and true to form audi sen the wrong one. we then rang them... gave them all details... wrong one again then third time lucky!
The diffrence with the boot was the diameter of the inner joint. might be worth measuring it ??
its just the inner boot (rubber and clips) so hope its not £98 lol. Got the wrong part sent out three times now!
Hi m8, i believe I'm after the same part, did you find a part number in the end?
How was it wrong?
Was the boot too loose for the joint?
Thats the problem i had.
If so i have the box for mine in the garage. I will dig it out and post the part number

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