yet another wheel thread advice req'd


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Jul 21, 2007
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stoke on trent
just bought a set of polished a8 17"x8" et48 five spokes, the tyres on them are bald 245 40 17 and need to come off so i can tidy up the polishing
ive got a set of 10mm spacers will these be big enough?
what size tyre would be best ? (going on 1.8tqs)
and moneys tight so whats a reasonable mid range tyre choice?

as always any advice appreciated, cheers kev
get yourself on all the usual website s for cheap tyres
blackcircles are good.
you can usually get deals on a full set from places also
don't think your old ones can be 240's (235 or 245)

235's are plenty on 8" rims
A 45 profile gets you within 1.5% of the rolling radius you should be at (IIRC the oem tqs sizes)
235/45/17 in any decent brand (apart from pirelli P6000! they suck)
how much can you spend?
looking for 4 or 5 tryes?

black circles have a range of decent tyres from £70-100 a corner delivered.
I went with the tyre only price as they work out £10-15 a corner for fitting if you do it that way.

just buy them, take them down to quick fit at 445pm with a couple of crisp tenners. done
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got tyres from Camskill pretty good price at the time, if you buy 2 or more tyres was free delivery however you will need to factor the cost of fitting after getting them.

Linky for 240

Linky for 235
Camskill gets my vote too
Or maybe one of the shop sellers on the Bay. I scored 2 x 18's for £92 deliverd for the TQS. I also managed to get 4 x Yoke Spec2's for mine a while back for £250. So may also be worth checking
cheers guys
they came with one good 245 40 17 toyo but it looks massive so want something smaller, rest are scrap
ive got 5 alloys but dont think spare would fit in wheel well so ill just get 4 tyres and see if i can pick up a space saver

managed to get some brand new cv joints for s4 brake conversion for a bargain £15 each, so hopefully get that done and springs fitted this week then see what i need spacer wise to clear that

wont be to everyones taste but should look smart when everythings fitted
If its Quattro you cant use a space saver! Some people on here warn about fitting tires with different tread thickness let alone sticking a wheel on from Noddy's car!! I suspect your best answer would be a couple of cans of tyreweld.
olds kool any pics of your car had a look in your 'garage' sadly no pics ;(
nige p didnt think of that, i carry tyre weld anyway so ill just save some weight

ras only got old photos, waiting till i fit a load of parts then ill take some new ones but heres a few



Space saver is fine as long as the rolling radius is the same , width doesnt matter.
Thanks, wow 3 B5's spoilt for choice hmmm which one got to be the TQS
but dont think spare would fit in wheel well so ill just get 4 tyres and see if i can pick up a space saver

My 8.5"x18" fitted with a 255/35x18 is in my spare wheel well.
my 17" standard s4 avus wheels fit just fine in my spare wheel well, i've not tried my 18" b6 wheels as i carry 2 cans of tyre weld
My 8.5"x18" fitted with a 255/35x18 is in my spare wheel well.

i thought rs4's didnt come with spare alloys because they wouldnt fit in wheel well
is that a very low profile on yours (excuse my very little knowledge about tyre sizes)

going from memory i had 235 45 17 on current spare when i got it and it got stuck in there, i had to deflate tyre a tad to get it out

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