AndyMac Stealth Sub for 8P completed


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Sounds pretty good as well. Some bits of the install are easier than the 8L some bits harder, but the overall improvement is dramatic.


Let me know if you need more details or a copy of the install guide.
Big thanks to Cali who loaned me his beloved A3Q for 3 days to do all the work. The install doesn't take 3 days BTW, but I had to design, build and template the enclosure, and then figure out the wiring and amp location etc so it was quite a job. Install takes about 4-5 hours. Here's his feedback:
"Andy, Thanks for the totally professional install - I had 4hrs of sweet driving back home and wasn't bothered about getting stuck in traffic, the sound just seems to get better and better. It appears to allow the other speakers to do the job intended. The sound quality is now far superior and what the A3 needs, clear mids and crisp high end with a punchy bass -I'm not and wasn't looking for a thumping bass more good quality sound (although Andy did prove it was capable of doing this once or twice with his test CD - which I pinched) so here is the shameless plug"
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Looks like a very tidy job!!! Is that a 10" sub??
If only there was that much room. No it's the phenomenal 6.5" JL unit. The enclosure is only 5litre.
Does this work with the 2009 spec Bose?
If it does please send me the price of a full kit, everything included for me to fit.
It'll work on any system, but the wiring hook up maybe slightly different if the 09 Spec Bose is radically different to the 03-08 Bose system. Anyone got any info on how the 09 Bose system has been "improved"?
Yes, it'll work on both systems, the only difference is the stock non Bose amp powers both the rears and the tupperware sub so you have to either use a 4 channel amp 2 channels for the rears and 2 channels bridged for the sub, or extract the tiny amp from the tupperware enclosure and keep that wired in just for the rears.
Hello AndyMac, could you please send me the price of the full kit? PLease note that i don't have a bosse sound system.
I would also be interested in the price for a kit.
Pricing is as follows:
A3/S3 (8P chassis) with Symphony/Concert/RNS-E HU
18mm MDF custom sub enclosure (satin black with gold speaker terminals, brackets, wiring & wadding) - £130
JL Audio 6.5" sub (JL-6W3v3-4) fitted & tested- £95
Alpine V12 MRV-T500 2ch amp 300wrms (bridged) amp - £70 (used, but with 12 month warranty)
RCA adapter loom with wire taps - £20
40amp fused 5m power cable, RCA's and earth - £25
TOTAL £340
P&P - £15 via DHL guaranteed insured next day delivery
Optional Installation - £60 (Southampton)
Everything is supplied new with warranty but the amps I use are secondhand to keep the price down, but these I also provide with a 12 month warranty. You can supply your own amp if you want it needs to be 2 channel or mono providing at least 250wrms into 4 ohms at 14.4v. I have written up the instuction manual (first draft) so PM me with your email address if you want to see what's involved.
Cheers, Andy
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This sounds like an idea, this forum certainly likes to spend my bucks, when turbo done I will get back to you.
I was just thinking the same, lol, yeah Andy what we looking at for say 10 buyers?
A lot of work on my side!
You lot already get preferencial pricing (of course)! My ebay prices are quite a bit more.
no worries, least I know ballpark, thanks.

Still laugh tupperware, lol
My car is the one Andy used for this custom build.
(Sorry Andy started doing a write up but have had a manic week)
This is a fantastic top quality build as you expect in an Audi. It generated a lot of interest and Awesomes 20th Brithday Bash last Sunday.
I have not been able to use my car as much as i would have liked over the last week, but I was in my element driving back to Manchester from Southampton including hitting Birmingham at peak rush hour but hey I had my tunes.
I have Bose and the sub works in harmony with Andy's custom sub and enclosure.
I'm not acoustic engineer but I do know what sounds good (and looks good - not that there is anyhing to see once the rear internal 1/4 panel was re fitted).
It seems to let the exsisting Bose speakers do what the REALLY should do. The mids are solid and the tweeters are crisp and sweet - it seems to let the Bose system 'Breathe' if that makes sense. The 6.5" JL sub is punchy, very defined and clear and takes up NO space (great in the A3 and even better in a Quattro) the risk of damage to the sub is also reduced.
I'm more than happy for any one to have a listen if anyone is near Manchester/Liverpool area - because no amount of words can describe how it sounds.
Thanks again to Andy for a quaility install.
I will get round to doing a proper write up, one that is truely deserving of a great product.
I will also be at Audi International if anyone wants to hear it.
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Hey AndyMac could you please tell me what is the shippment cost of that extraordinary sub to Romania?

many Thanks
For just the enclosure it would be £25, you'd be better sourcing the sub locally as it weighs another 4Kg's
Superb install. Nice one AndyMac!

In the non-Bose setup, you say you could use a 4ch amp to run the rears & sub. Is the front powered off the headunit? How simple is it to upgrade the fronts to run off a separate amp?
Very nice, maybe a daft question but do you have to cut a 6.5" hole in the original carpet trim or is it just re-fitted as is?
hole in carpet, do you mean side trim cause this just covers the sub so its hidden as per the tupperware sub.
hole in carpet, do you mean side trim cause this just covers the sub so its hidden as per the tupperware sub.

Sorry, yes I meant the side trim, so a hole is not required for the sound to pass through?
No hole required, but it could probably benefit from a few small holes just to let the air flow. They would be invisible from the boot side. The enclosure does sit as far away from the trim as is possible, I just stuffed some 2" thick sponge strips up between the enclosure and the trim just to ensure it didn't rattle. I also cut away the reinforcing plastic on the inside of the trim panel, just to let it move a bit more freely, but this probably wasn't necessary, as it's not exactly airtight behind the trim.
Yes the fronts are powered off the HU on the non Bose setup. All you need to do to grab the feed is pull the HU, unplug the speaker ISO connector and plug it into a male speaker ISO (£2.99 from Maplins) and then route the wires to wherever you want the amp. The main problem with amping the fronts is getting the front pre-out feed as this isn't wired in anywhere on the non Bose system, the pre-out plug is just blank where the fronts are fed from the HU. You'd need to extract the pins from an mini ISO adapter and insert them into the empty holes on the Audi loom to pick up the fronts. Or if you're by passing the Audi wiring and have a proper sub and amping the rears as well then just forget the Audi loom and use the BLAU adapter and proper RCA's.
How much better than the Bose sub is it?
I find the bose sub a bit boomy and awkward to adjust - it's either nothing or a huge thumping bass that drowns everything out.
It's a big big improvement. Far more controlled, and far tighter, and far punchier. The Bose sub is mounted in the flimsiest cheapo plastic enclosure you can imagine (the same one as the non Bose sub), I can't believe they would put their name to it TBH. I'd say it was even worse than the 8L version, so no way can you achieve controlled low frequencies when the sub is mounted in a biscuit tin. Also, as is the Bose way, it doesn't just handle the low frequencies, it seems to be almost full range (with just the sub playing on its own you can easily identify the track playing, you can hear vocals and everything), so you get a lot of middle which drowns out the lower stuff giving that very woolly Bose sound with no definition.
I posted this in another forum, but what would the cost of just the enclosure w/ speaker terminals be? I currently have banana plugs but can convert to something else if needed. I also have a Sony mono amp.

Shipped to the USA, zip code 22202.

It will fit the sportback, but you'd need to mount the amp in a different location, either inside the spare wheel or on one of the seatbacks.
The enclosure on its own is £130 + shipping to the US is £30.
I thought the Bose sub uses a transmission design so that they could get bass out of that POS woofer. Did anyone cut theirs open to see the internal air path?
Does the port wiggle back and forth to create a long port, like their clock radio?
i had one of these fitted last weekend courtesy of andymac and i am so impressed with it, the bose stereo now sounds so much better because you dont need to turn the bass up to acheive great bass thus giving the mid range speakers the chance to do what they were designed to do. It sounds phenominal considering the size of it, it can really shake the car if thats what you want it to! :arco:

I would recommend this upgrade to anyone considering you can stil retain all of your boot space and you get a much better clearer sound from the speakers.
Andy - is it possible to fit a boxed 10" in the space available?
reason I ask, is 'cause I have a 10" Boston sub and have been thinking about doing ym own custom install..

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