What rims for my A3? suggestions please


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Apr 26, 2009
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Sollentuna, Sweden

I got an A3 8p sportback -08

and I got the bbs LM replicas 19" on but I feel they give me bad grip, heavy and doesnt allow me to lower it with coils..

I'm looking for reps 18" with et46+ preferebly but cant seem to find any who fits and looks nice..

what do you guys think?

I could buy some 19" rs6?? which rims do yall think?

Here's the car
the wheels that is on is 8.5x19 et45 with 235's but I have changed to 225's falkens..

but Im looking for other rims, maybe offset upon 50 ? and 18"
you can lower any car on coils on any wheels as long as your tyres are thecorrect size and the offset of the wheels are correct

You will get uber amount of grip depending on what tyres you go for and generally the bigger the wheel diameter, the wider they are so you have more surface area - bit of a biitch though in snow!

I had 19x8.5" BBS CH ET50 on my A3 TDI lowered to the tyre on coilovers with no issues at all. They are now on my S3 lowered 25mm on H&R springs and the ride is fantastic with no issues. 235/35/19 tyres by the way - bridgestone potenza up front and kumho at the back (will be bridgestone once used)