Stage 2 Next week!!


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Apr 17, 2009
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Car is booked in next week for
Forge CAI and Custome 76mm Down-pipe. :yahoo:
Already running Stage 1 APR software and Decat.

I've been told that the APR software will adapt to the mods,

Is stage 1 APR software sufficiet with these mods? :think:

or should I look for a Stage 2 Map from a diffrent Tuner.
Would like to keep current software and save mysel

Hoping to achieve 200Wkw after these mods!

Must Beat my bro's E46 M3 :p
Go Revo mate, you will need an uprated HPFP (at least the internals from Autotech), and an uprated cluth. Consider that the Sachs Racing uprated cluth has very harsh starting performance, even in the most 'basic' version without Flywheel (I have it)
Hey James, Revo is availble here and they can help with parts to... however the are fairly pricey.

Revo want 500 Pounds from me for Stage 2 software. (which I dont think will give me extra power on the stage 1 APR..... But i'm not sure?:confused: This is because they say the APR software will adapt itsef.... How true this is I dont know :shrug:
what you think? )
and if Revo will add more power, it wont be MUCH more...will the few extra ponies be worth 500 pounds?

If I were to go with the HPFP I would have to switch to REVO software.
Then they asking 290 Pounds for HPFP (uninstalled) and a further
55 pounds for Stage 2+ software. (to accomodate Fuel pump)

Clucth will have to come much later im afraid. Will just treat her gently till then ;D
Well, my advice is to wait.
Firstly, Revo software will transform your car, I guarantee, at any stage.
In second place, adding the torque/power without the clutch is not a good move, because the clutch slipping will damage your flywheel, therefore compelling you to change this extra part.
It is not true that you 'need' the software once you have installed the HPFP. The car will run perfectly even on the original map with this mod.
So, my advice is, start with the pump, then save, get the clutch & 2+ map, and you will be running anywhere between 340 and 370bhp, depending on the CAI you have, on the fuel you run, and on the requests you forward to them.
I have no reason to suggest one or another provider.
APR software will adapt but a Revo stage 2 will have a higher tolerances to adapt to. If you want to go APR I'm sure they do a map for intake and zorst.... I may be mistaken but i'm sure they have a map for the HPFP.
Saying this I do like my Revo :anbet: Going to book my stage 2+ next week.....