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Aug 7, 2005
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Kent, UK
What's the best method for bringing tailpipes back up nice n shiney !?

Can the carbon build up/soot (!) be cleaned off, to give a nice clean and shiney 'tip' again?


Autosol does the job nicely on mine - available from your local Halfrauds for around a fiver I think.
steel wool for real crusty deposits might be required. Then a good going over with autosol as said will have them looking like new in no time :)
as said above regarding autosol plus try a fine finishing compound or if its mega crappy try g3
Autosol is a spray ?
Will check tomorrow, thanks chapps...

Just realised I have some Megs 'nxt generation' All metal Polish - will this be ok? Seems to be ok for exhausts too.

Will definitely need some wire wool though.
Halfords website is £5.99 too.

But will the Megs Metal Polish do the job. Will try it out anyway, seeing as I have some, but will probably have a goo with the wire wool too, as it's pretty bad on the bottom half of the pipes...
Megs metal polish is alright. I've just finished a tub off and picked up some Autosol today.

The Megs isnt as aggresive as the Autosol but its still pretty good. The bottoms of my tailpipes go black very quickly and Id not cleaned them for a while, the Megs didnt do much on the black deposits but after the wire wool treatment it brought them up lovely.

I'd say Autosol is the better of the 2 though.

Will use up the Megs first though, shame not to.

Do you use the Megs on your wheels or just the zorst?
Of course, once they are nicely polished, the trick is to seal them and make future maintenance much easier. A coat of Blackfire All Metal Sealant will add a highly durable extremely heat resistent barrier layer that will help to prevent soot from sticking in the future, for up to 3-4 months at a time' Instead of repolishing every few weeks, all you will need to do is wipe the tips down with a microfibre wash mitt during the wash process... and volia; tips perfectly shiny again. The same sealant can also be used to great effect on wheels too... as it's properties are also excellent at preventing brake dust from bonding. More details here...



All of the above are excellent suggestions, but for future reference I'd say make sure you include them in your wash routine as a matter of course.
Its a pet hate of mine when I see a beautiful A8 / M5 / Jag XFR or whatever the car may be freshly washed n waxed n looking great with blacked tyres the lot......and a set of black soot covered tailpipes showing on the back:wtf:

My A6 is around 2 and a half years old with 60k on the clock and the tailpipes are as good / better than when it lwft the factory.
Every time I wash my car I automatically include them in my wash routine and the soot n road grime just doesn't get the chance to stick:salute:


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