PT I hope you've taken a photo in the empty engine bay which is accustomed to every engine removal. It's the law. :angrymod:

Just for you... (as is the tradition...)

tuffty what paint did you use on the boost pipe did you use ang high tekp stuff

Depends what pipes you are on about... I used Simoniz wheel silver for the top pipe (the lacquer is soft though so will be using Rustoleum Hard Hat stuff next time) and Rustoleum Hard Hat satin black for the rest

Not a showman like you ****** lot lol... I was on my own earlier but Marks here now so if I get time I'll get him to take one...

And you look so impressed!

Sadly, due to how big you make that ko3S you're holding look, the rest of the forum will now realise that you're only 4'3'' tall, and that the car is actually on the ground in this pic, not on a ramp

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A little update on my side of Paul's cylinder head, Managed to get a bit of time on the head with starting on the exhaust ports



I've only just started so not very exciting right now
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And you look so impressed!

Sadly, due to how big you make that ko3S you're holding look, the rest of the forum will now realise that you're only 4'3'' tall, and that the car is actually on the ground in this pic, not on a ramp


Its my best smile... :)

A little update on my side of Paul's cylinder head, Managed to get a bit of time on the head with starting on the exhaust ports



I've only just started so not very exciting right now

Awesome dude... looking forward to the updates :D

Todays update....

So split the box from the engine and stripped off parts I need to transfer to the new block...

It was then I realised I hadn't covered all the bosses when I painted the block so I started cleaning off the paint... DOH!!... reason for this (in case you didn't know) is with heat the paint will soften slightly and 'give' a little... this can potentially loosen the bolt and of course stuff falls off... you can see how thick it was...

After a scrape and rub over with a wire brush wheel on the dremal...

...and chased the threads too...


New stat (OE)...

Removed the clutch and flywheel from the old engine... pressure cover had no bluing or excessive wear...

...same with the DMF... no excessive play (although I do need to check the specs later to confirm) and again, same wear patterns as the cover...

...the plate however...

In fairness the clutch still felt good, no judder or slipping but obviously it was close to the rivets...

Std plate...


Ah well... the cover and DMF will go again but will need to get a new plate but its lasted well considering.. 20k miles, quite a few launches and a bit of NLS plus 18 months of hill starts on my way home from my old job...

To get over this I painted some more stuff... :)

Need to clean up the old engine a bit ready for its new home and sort out my old turbo and other parts as thats potentially sold too providing its not going to ave an issue with the earlier style transfer box as this is different to my later one... and anyone that has read this thread will know the interesting times I had trying to get clearance

Not sure where the time went today...

Cleaned up the old bottom end ready for its new home...




Mocked up my old turbo kit for a perspective buyer... needed to check what issues there may be fitting to a car with the earlier style transfer box...

Same lug that needs to be ground down...

Top of the transfer box requires a similar mod to mine for comp housing clearance...

...and the main difference being the cast support bracket...

...vs my steel bracket...


After sorting that... I painted some more stuff :)

...need to sort the box out really as its filthy... :(

Tomorrow will be a little pamper day for the Golf as I have a couple of little jobs I need to do but after that the next job is to get the mock up block and gearbox back in the engine bay ready for working out where the turbo is going to go and for all the fabrication work that needs doing like the manifold and various coolant/oil lines...


The head is bare so makes it very easy to take on and off the eleventy billion times that normally required when making stuff like this up... the block is bare too...

Just need to source a comp housing for the GT35 now... been looking at the GT3076 anti surge housing as this is a little smaller than the full fat GT35 one and can be machined to fit the GT35... gives the benefits of anti surge (not sure I'll need it be moving the surge line is always a good thing) and around 20mm extra room to play with... not much I hear you say but anything is a bonus considering the size of the damn thing...

GT3076 housing.. (2" outlet)

...and a GT35 housing... (2.5" outlet)

Amazing work as always mate. Guessing the old engines sold?
Are you going top mount paul?

Currently yes... it will need to keep the turbo low but until I have the mock up engine in and a comp housing I don't know for sure... as I am not using an off the shelf mani I have the option to do what ever I need to get it how I want it :)

Underslung still appeals... less stuff in the way of the DP and fluid lines...

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really good work as always PT, are you off work all week or something?

Only until today... main focus was to get the engine out and sort a few things on the golf... can't do anything with the engine now until Andrew has done the head and it won't be going in until the manifold is done anyway... I need to source a comp housing to start the manifold build... can't go OTT yet as I need to sell the GT30 turbo kit first to finance the rest of the build

As is the way, waiting on stuff :)

No drama as I intend to clean stuff (shocking I know) and do a few other bits in the bay anyway...

Spent a bit more time on the head, managed to finish off the main cutting on the exhaust ports and checked the seat with a seat cutter. Seats are all mint with a nice 45 deg and will cut another angle when i finish the ports off


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Are these going to end up as 3 angle seats for greater flow capability?

No real room on the inlets as the seats and are very slim to start with, The exhaust will have more angles

how do you check the installed heights after seat cutting andrew?

I have a tool for that, in the picture about i just check them by hand with the cutter with no pressure.

Finished the main cutting now, cleaned up the combustion chamber, Just have to finish of the ports with emery cloth



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Lovely stuff!

It may take a bit longer than originally planned before this sees the road again, but I think it's safe to say a fairly legendary car on 8L circles is about to step up another few levels in 1 large jump :)
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Got the 'build' engine into the bay today for making the exhaust mani and any other fabrication that may be needed like coolant hoses etc...


...quite a bit of room once stuff is out the way lol...

...although not enough it would seem for a sidewinder manifold Bill has 'laying around' lol...

Could see that I should have no bother relocating the PAS return line as its a royal PITA where it is currently (especially when bleeding the master cylinder!)

My mate dropped off my wheels at lunch time after removing the tyres for me... refurb time ;P

To be fair they are in a crap state so anything would help get them looking better lol...


Started by removing all the rubber build up from the inside of the rim...

...then used a file to smooth out the worst of the damage...

...will take my wheel cleaning stuff tomorrow and give them a proper clean and degrease before using a bit of chemical metal to fix the bad bits and hopefully have at least one wheel painted tomorrow...

Rest of the build is pretty much on hold now until I can get a comp housing and a few other bits so I can start getting the manifold built

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This car is amazing the oem look and massive power it just goes from strength to strength,I can't wait to see this when I bring my a3 down to badger5 for mapping but that's been put on hold as the little one is due November so could be a while
Looks awesome mate... :D

Makes me feel better after the crap sunday I had painting the wheels LOL...

I think i'm going to have to get this done to mine, anything to help my little cotton real make power..
Looks real good
As much as I love that sidewinder manifold it would kind of ruin your oem look you have going with your car.

Could I make it fit on mine though ;)

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