Special Offer - AndyMac Stealth Sub £150 incl fitting!


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Now for the catch, I need a guinea pig A3/S3 8P model and you need to be local to Southampton. I am looking to design a stealth sub enclosure for the 8P, similar to the one I do for the old shape. To do this I'll need to borrow your pride and joy for a few hours in order to scope the work and design a workable shape from 18mm MDF. Your incentive is that you'll get a professional stealth sub install for just the cost of the JL Audio sub and Alpine amp. I'll supply the enclosure, wiring and labour absolutely free. For those unaware of this excellent audio upgrade please have a look here:
Let me know who's up for it?
Cheers, Andy
Very tempted..... Let me have a little think!
Very tempted..... Let me have a little think!

Think of the sprint times Toby...*sucks teeth* :jester:

@Andy - had a look at the site and looks very good, unfortunatley I am at the other end of the country. I think that Gixxer600k4 is down your way though...
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How far out from the edge of the boot is it likely to come out? i.e. how much space will I lose!? I've got a pretty big Tatonka bag to fit in.
None, it will be the same size as the flimsy tupperware sub you currently have!
Flattery will get you nowhere!! lol

Well I'm going away for 2 weeks. If there are no takers by then I'm defo in.
Can you clarify if you'd need the car back a second time for the final fit, or if everything would be done on one trip?
Probably 2 trips will be needed. As you say second visit needed for final fit and testing.
Probably 2 trips will be needed. As you say second visit needed for final fit and testing.

I'm a couple of hours away, but happy to let you use my car, assuming we can find date(s) that work with us both - drop me a PM if you want to sort something out.
Will this also fit an 8P sportback quattro?
Me I'm 5 miles from Southampton a3 sportback

don't need a sub or amp but your welcome to come round for a few hours to measure up?

Work from home so any day is good

give me a call on 07919537128

I may be tempted to buy the sub and amp etc etc
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wow that is a sweet piece of kit on your webby! get my audi a3 on the 1st and im up in gloucestershire, its a 55 plate sportback. i may be interested if you dont have any takers...

omg JL audio have filed for bankruptcy!
Andy.... How much will all the kit weigh?
My prayers have been answered - friend had one in his 8L and it was awesome.
I'm in the Northwest and am still tempted - if you struggle to find any takers (not that you will) I have 7 weeks holidays to kill and a trip to Southampton might be on the cards.
Will I be able to bypass the Bose system without butchering the wiring (so I can remove the unit if and when I sell the car on?)
Will pm you with my number Andy
Andy how much do you reckon this upgrade will be when all sorted? looks good mate,i live in sheffield but when this is perfected the travelling wouldnt really bother me for it to look oem as that install does,with the standard stereo is it going to be any louder though or do the audi bose stereo HU have room for potential to work round
It'll be the same price as the 8L I imagine, depending on the complexity of the enclosure. So roughly £320 including everything you need - Sub, Enclosure, Amp, Power cable and RCA adapter cable.
Hi Andy
Just wondered if you are any further on with this?
My offer still stands if you need a motor.
Andy.... How much will all the kit weigh?

The enclosure with the sub weighs 7Kg and the amp is about 3Kg. But remember you will be losing the weight of the tupperware sub & amp that is removed as part of the install, which is all of 0.5Kg!
When do you think you'll be ready to start fitting these?
I've been wanting to get mine changed for a while now but never got round to it or found anyone who could do it! I'm in if you still need someone, even once you've sussed it i should be good to go!

I live near Basingstoke so only 30 mins away, let me know! :thumbsup: