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Jun 10, 2007
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Would love to change my car but don't have any money to change Ggrrr!! I'm driving an 2004 A4 tdi se 130, 82000 on the clock and we both fancy changing to an 06/07 A4 avant possible a s-line. I still have a bit to pay off my last loan and would need to get a topup on the loan to buy this new car is it worth it? Do I get into more debt or do i just keep what i have and save up? When to look and a red s-line at a dealer they where giving me 5300 for mine and wanted 11000 to change are they mad. If i chance i'll probably sell mine first and then buy a new car. Just think it's to much to spend to chance, was thinking of spending about £5000 plus mine. Anyway what yous think i should do? Heres a pic of mine and a link to the 1 I was looking at
Dude, now is not the time to be getting into more debt, if you have a decent car and its not giving you any probs, hold onto it, it will pay you back in the long run, at the mo, you are going to make a loss and get into more debt, which to me makes no sense, keep your current car and mod it if you want to, thats what I would do personally.
I agree with Nilzy on this one, so much have I been tempted to change to a newer/better specced/better looking car, but I'm quite happy with what I have now, plus I can actually afford to change. Now is not the time, unless you REALLY have to have this Avant S-Line you are looking at. And plan to keep it in the longrun, then it's not really cost effective.
I want a VW GT TDI but they are holding their value quite a lot, thinking selling the Bora at end of August then buying a banger till Christmas/Early January when nobodys got money and the dealers are quiet but yeah, its tempting just to get a fat loan....
I hear what your saying loud and clear and totaly argee with what your saying it's what i'm thinking but then a lovely Audi drives by and i what to change again. I fancy the avant as i've a toddler and a dog, in the near furture i my have 2 kids so i like the idea of the estate for the room. Nothing wrong with what i'm driving even had thought of getting new wheels or even mine refurbished
are you working. is your job safe. can you easely afford it. if the answer to these questions is yes then get what you want lifes too short to keep thinking what if
yendall24 the answers yes and some days i'm saying f**k it i'm changing then the next its I don't really need to get into debt and what if my job goes bad? still looking to see if i see anything that really worth changing for but if not i think i'll just stick to what i have
are you working. is your job safe. can you easely afford it. if the answer to these questions is yes then get what you want lifes too short to keep thinking what if

my thoughts exactly..... that's how I ended up with a brand new A3 lol.
I think the decisions made, keep the car i have and my be refurb the wheels or some new rims
Wise choice sir. My car is over 10 years old now but I still look back at it in car parks after i've cleaned it. Just bought some new rims and clutch so will keep hold of her for a while yet.
Good choice fella!!!

Keep the car you have now, amaybe mod it a little, who knows you could fall in love all over again :blush:

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