Temperature problem


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Oct 15, 2008
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Hi all. Whilst driving around last night I noticed that my temperature gauge was sitting just above the 90 mark when it usually sits bang on as it should. The thing that's puzzling me is it stayed there whether driving normally or idling(no increase or decrease). I've recently changed the thermostat and about 6 months ago the temp sender so unlikely to be these. Any thoughts? Electrical maybe or possible waterpump problem? Heater also works fine although still doesn't bring the gauge down when on full. Would be interested in your thoughts. Regards.
Check that both radiator fans are working and that all fuses are fine in fuse box on top of battery. Apart from that take it to a Garage / dealer and have the sender/thermostat reset.
I wouldn't worry too much unless it starts approaching 100 degrees. With this very hot weather mine has started to just creep over the 90 - maybe 92-93.
Ok cheers guys, I'll check those things. I wasn't too worried but thought the gauge was meant to stay bang on 90 if running normally. This was about 10 o'clock at night so it wasn't exactly hot but I'll keep my eye on it if I don't find anything abnormal. How do you reset the sender/thermostat anyway? Never heard of that one.