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Nov 15, 2005
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Does anyone know the email address for Audi customer services ? I want to drop them a quick email about there useless Huntingdon Audi Branch, I've tried several times to find out prices for servicing and despite being promised call backs today I was just cut off. I know i'm not going to get anywhere and probably won't receive a reply but i'll feel better having a rant !

Ta, i'd found the online form but wanted to copy audi customer service into the email.
Jeremy Hicks is the overall boss of Audi, so if you email him it's more than likely to just get fobbed off onto someone else to deal with.

Richard Starkey, however, is the main customer services manager for Audi - He's a top bloke and he's sorted quite a few things out for me in the past.
Thats another email address to add to the war chest, lol.
If the service I get from the average Audi franchise was anything to go by, I'd never buy another one. However, the way I've been dealt with by Audi's customer service team would make me think again. I'm sure there's a few that would disagree, but they've been great to me so far.
Would that be your new car then in sig & if so then time for name change lol
Ah thats why you kept the S3 up, lol, I have to say I do miss my S3 aswell, had it for 7 years & it was a delight to get into it everyday, so much fun to drive & even comtemplated getting another even now, very cheap to buy & tune would be alot of fun huh

Question is how does it compare to the RS4?

ChRiS4, doesnt quite do it huh, bit like &, simplesssssssssss lol

I do like the colour of the RS4 though, nice choice & with optics aswell.
I'm very tempted to get another 8L and tuning it properly (3.2 V6, DSG, etc), but I bought the RS4 to stop me wasting money on modding cars....

Really hard to compare. The S3 was really go-kart like, nimble, and grippy. The spool-up on a BT feels really good - you got a good thump in the kidneys once the turbo got full boost. But being a few years old, the interior was getting a bit loose and rattly. The RS4 though, my god. Very flat and stable in corners, feels bigger than the S3, obviously, but not excessively big for the roads like the RS6. Heaps of grip, but you can slide/push it round corners much harder. It breaks traction when you want to, but quite controllably. All in, my biggest problem is what to buy next. There's just nothing out there that comes close, in my opinion.

And cheers, the colour was the closest I could get to the noggy blue/black I had on the S3 :)
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it can be urs again
if u dont mind travelling lol
If the service I get from the average Audi franchise was anything to go by, I'd never buy another one. However, the way I've been dealt with by Audi's customer service team would make me think again. I'm sure there's a few that would disagree, but they've been great to me so far.

Totally agree. Ive had dealing with J Hicks and his team and Customer Service and had fantastic service from them, far far better than the dealers!

(Nice car by the way)
Some of the stories on here are similar to my own..really bad Audi customer service (after sales ..of course)
I've been a customer of Audis for a 5yrs and I have to admit I do change them quite often (6 in the 5 yrs) I cash purchase (i now know its a big no-no to buy cash!..but i'd never had a problem before)
Heres just a little of whats been going on with my Audi A4

  • November 2012..We travelled to Audi in Carlisle and purchased an Audi A4 (61 plate ex demo) for £18,990.
  • 18th December 2012..We had a egg smell coming from the vehicle we called a local audi and we were told the car is new and the smell will disperse as the car is new and the parts sometimes burn off excess oil?.
  • 23rd December 2012..During a family day out with the children we travelled down the A1 to see family and do some last minute christmas shopping the smell and heat coming from the vehicle was very apparent but after a call to Audi we were told to ignore it so we did so, on the return journey the car started bellowing black smoke and the heat and smell was strong enough for us to have to pull over and require assistance from RAC/Audi Assistance ..we were told the car had a clutch failure and it had to go into Audi Teesside for repairs.
  • **I required a courtesy car during this period and Audi Assist who knew I had 3 children issued me with a 2 seater Audi TT!? this scuppered nearly all of our family christmas plans, but as my gran was over from germany and I knew this may be the last christmas I have with her I was determined to get to bucks were she was.. from teesside but this was a mammouth task with a family of 5 and a 2 seater car two of the children nor myself got to see gran before she left unfortunetly (she passed 2 weeks later
  • 9th January 2013..I received a call from Gemma Clark in audi customer services to say my car was being delivered back to me today as it has been fixed (it had apparently needed a new clutch) which had now been done and we were able to take it back she had just been informed from the dealers (teesside audi) that the work was complete.
  • 9th January 2013...My car was delivered back at lunchtime with a invoice stating my car had been fitted with a new clutch and oil had been topped up (under warranty work) So I decided to drive to my local Tesco with my Little daughter within half a mile I noticed the smell initially and the heat followed i spotted some light smoke coming from the bonnett so I pulled over, I decided to call teesside and spoke to Mark who had apparently carried out the work and told him what was happening to my car, he said the car is going through was is called a regeneration and I was to ignore it and keep driving I also rung Gemma and she said he knows what hes talking about and with a new part sometimes they give off a smell and I was to do what he said...I drove another mile up the road when my car once again was smoking and other road users and bystanders where signalling for me to pull over ..completely frightened and not knowing what to do i quickly pulled over and as I left my vehicle a fellow driver approached and said that looks dangerous and i was to stand back with the little one ..i done so and he and another man cautiously opened my bonnett with that a ball of black smoke and fire shot from the front of my car ..i called RAC/Audi Assist who came to me at the roadside took him 90 minutes to arrive at the vehicle and he stated he could smell my car more than 100yards away he wouldnt move it whilst the car was still so hot so he left it to be later recovered by Ron Perry (a tow company)..I called gemma to let her know and she told me it turned out Mark in Teesside had not even repaired the car and she felt awful that she'd allowed me to take this vehicle back when they hadn't done anything to it by way of repair ..marks excuse was he thought I was imaginging it!? but had provided us with an invoice to say these works had been carried out? Gemma said she wasnt happy with what had happened and she felt somewhat responsible so she advised that I put a formal complaint in writing to the branch about this technician and she was doing the same her end as she felt partly responsible and she was referring my case to the executive office, my car was taken to Audi Tyneside garage where they discovered the clutch was completely burnt out and desperately needed replacing, Richard from Tyneside said if the car has had been driven any further it could of been much worse. ( I have to add Richard and Mark in Tyneside gave me a fantastic level of care and commitment I felt looked after whilst in there capable hand...
  • 2nd February 2013 ...I receive a call to say my car is repaired and it can be brought back to me.
  • 8th February breaks down cluth slipped
  • 14th Feb 2013......get my car back but during a road test fails and clutch fails again
  • 21st feb 2013...Clutch replaced again and once again i am given my car back.

  • We were away 25th feb to 11th March and upon returning the car wouldnt start..once again the car is towed and we're told the 2nd base plate on the clutch has corroded and it needs another new part (a base plate?)

  • 26th March 2013.... we get our car back and for the first week or so it seems to be driving o.k
  • 4th April has started pulling to the left and the egg smell and smoke has returned, we call RAC and have it towed to a different garage (Harrogate) maybe some fresh eyes will help and finally give us a car we can use , we receive a call to say the vehicle may be pulling due to the tyres so by replacing them this may help the problem, we paid £500+vat to have the tyres replaced be told two days later during further investigation its been found the clutch has slipped again and we were also told that the new model of audi has a larger gap for the clutch but as audi are using an older model of clutch the clutch is able to move around and this is why it keeps slipping a new part is ordered again to replace the small one.
  • 22nd April ...My car is brought back im informed they couldnt fit the new part as it didnt work all they could do is tighten the clutch and hope for the best but during towing it back to me my car was damaged during transportation the low load driver couldnt apologise enough for the damage and after letting me see what had happened he took it back away again to have the damage repaired..i was utterly devasted and slowly losing faith and patience.
  • 29th April 2013 Car is brought back with no damage and the drive of it seems ok
  • 6th May car stalls and smell is back car goes in to Harrogate which is were it is now..Ive told them I'm fed up now I spent nearly twenty thousand pounds (which I paid for cash) for a car which is wholly unreliable and as ive been told on at least 5 occasions 'Not fit for purpose', I called Audi and asked what my next step is as I believe ive given Audi more than ample opportunity to repair my vehicle which still hasn't happened I have done everything Audi has asked of me and some and now i cant take anymore I cant continue to put my children into something i dont trust and that is so unreliable.
  • On the 9th May I wrote a letter of rejection for the vehicle to Audi UK and a copy went to the garage I purchased it from.
I dont feel im getting any further forward so Trading standards Tanvir has requested that he takes over this whole case, hes advising I go to the press and sue for negligence but this is not really my thing I just want what I paid for a prestige car from a prestige company and as a loyal Audi customer for over 5 years I dont want to go down this route.

Last month i contacted Martin Winterkorns p.a who gave me Verena clarks contact(VWG M.D- P.A) details name and number and she said they will be able to help which wasnt the case, they are now basically saying if I remove my complaint against the technician they will help otherwise pay for further work myself..the whole thing got passed over to Lee Manuel in Audi exec and he is a complete plank doesnt care about customers..service..duty of care, so Ive sent everything over to Motor codes and there investigating

Sorry its so long winded but I wanted to get all the details in.

Does anyone know if theres anything else I can do..thanks guys